Books for January

21q4pgimxhl__aa_sl160_.jpgETA: I can’t believe I forgot to add Patricia Briggs‘s “Iron Kissed” (urban fantasy) to my list.  I loved her books when she wrote straight fantasy, and now I love her urban fantasy.  This is the third in her Mercy series, and apparently the love triangle gets resolved.  I can’t wait to read this one.  Excerpt here.


Happy New Year! 

There are quite a few January new releases that I want to get: 

21buid0l2bml__aa_sl160_.jpg“Night Season” by Eileen Wilks (urban fantasy) – As mentioned in my previous post, this is one of my favourite urban fantasy series.  Excerpt here.  It looks as though Ms Wilks has also put up a bonus short story (yay!)- I’m waiting until after I finish reading “Night Season” though.

21xb8nkn5kl__aa_sl160_.jpg“Kitty & the Silver Bullet” by Carrie Vaughn (urban fantasy) – Fourth book in Ms Vaughn’s Kitty series.  Another werewolf urban fantasy, yes – but how many out there have a werewolf named Kitty?  I like but don’t love this series – at least not yet.  I’m still going to get it though – I like how Kitty develops and grows throughout the series.  Excerpt here.

21zvij2dvzl__aa_sl160_.jpg“The Wicked Ways of a Duke” by Laura Lee Guhrke (historical romance) – Ms Guhrke was a new-to-me author in 2007 and I enjoyed the first book in her Girl-Bachelors series “And Then He Kissed Her”.  I’m hoping this is just as good.  The cover’s a bit cliched though – I like the dark blue colour scheme but not the standard romantic h/h clinch.  Excerpt here.

21j6ojd-bwl__aa_sl160_.jpg“Succubus on Top” by Richelle Mead (urban fantasy) – Another 2007 new-to-me author.  I read the first book in this series a couple of months ago, not expecting much (I was in an urban fantasy reading slump), and really liked it.  Heh.  I’ve just re-read the review I wrote back then – and I *really* liked it.  LOL.  Excerpt here.

312wy5vk3cl__aa_sl160_.jpg“The Ruby Dice” by Catherine Asaro (SF) – The latest installment in her Skolian Empire series.  Ms Asaro does SF with really good romance.  I’m very excited about this one – except for the awful awful cover.  Sigh.  This is why I shouldn’t complain about romance covers.  There are worse ones for SF books out there.  Excerpt here.

As for Jan releases I’m interested in, but probably won’t get:
21-pjhr4egl__aa_sl160_.jpg“My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon” (urban fantasy anthology) – Why I want to read it: It has some of my favourite authors, including Jim Butcher and Kelley Armstrong.  And a rather cool theme – honeymoons with a supernatural twist, in case the title didn’t quite make that clear 🙂  Why I’m not quite sure: It’s a trade paperback release, so more expensive than a mass-market.  And short stories aren’t quite my thing.  Nice cover though.
21kv2bfox5ul__aa_sl160_.jpg“Plum Lucky” by Janet Evanovich (mystery) – Oh no, another “between the numbers” book!  Now I know I bought “Plum Lovin” (her last Valentine Day novella) despite swearing not to, but this time, I’m definitely not getting this St Patrick’s Day one – as much as I love Stephanie Plum.  £17 for a 176-page book is just mad.  I don’t know if I’ll even get this one if it comes out in paperback.  IMO, the problem with her “between the numbers” books (apart from the length, that is) is that because not many of her Plum readers buy them, she can’t really advance the overall story plot – and that leaves you feeling unsatisfied.  Excerpt here.

6 thoughts on “Books for January

  1. This is why I shouldn’t complain about romance covers. There are worse ones for SF books out there. Yes! It’s really the only comforting thing about romance covers, isn’t it? Lol.

    I’ve never read Asaro, but I’ve got one TBR. I’m trying to think of the title… Phoenix something? … I can’t remember. 😉

  2. I think it’s a Baen cover – I think they’re a great publisher, but their SF covers need revamping! Lois McMaster Bujold’s Baen books also have some rather awful covers, IIRC.

    Haven’t read your Asaro TBR book yet – I don’t think it’s part of the Skolian series, maybe a stand-alone? I love all her SF books anyway, but don’t really get the fantasy titles she writes for Luna.

  3. Yeah, most of the Vorkosigan books have really ugly covers. The one for A Civil Campaign especially. Ekaterin in a pink 1980s prom dress dancing with Miles (who is portrayed as taller than her-huh!), and they’re surrounded by butter bugs. Ehhh.

  4. Oh, I never thought of it being Gregor and Laisa! But I’m going to totally adopt that theory, because that is absolutely NOT the way I imagine Miles and Ekaterin. 😉

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