The Year in Review – Part 4

Okay, I’m almost done with my Year in Review posts – promise.  The dangers of having a spreadsheet!

In this post, I’m covering new-to-me authors.  During 2007, I read books by 95 authors – of which 44 were new-to-me authors.  I was quite surprised by that number as I didn’t think I was that adventurous in my reading.

Looking a bit more closely into the detail, only around ten were “proper” debut authors during 2007; I read a lot of non-2007 books during the year. 

Also, I obviously rely on the internet when it comes to finding new authors – I came across two-thirds of this group either via internet reviews or mentions, mostly from blogs.  The rest came from me browsing in the bookstore, where I know book placement and/or covers (including cover blurbs, because I’m gullible that way) persuaded me to try out a good few.

So did I find any new favourites?  Well, I don’t think I would care to read 21 of them again, I’m still on the fence when it comes to eight authors (so I would still get their next book), but yes, I definitely would read the remaining 15.

And these are, in alphabetical order:

  • Barbara Michaels / Elizabeth Peters (mystery) – Umm… I don’t think I need to expand very much on this one.  I now know more about Egyptology than I ever expected I would.
  • Deborah Donnelly (cosy mystery) – Loved her Wedding Planner series, which I read at the beginning of the year – I’m always on the lookout for more cosy mysteries.
  • Eva Ibbotson (YA romance) – I’m not entirely sure about the YA part, but that’s where her books are shelved.  I included both the books I read on my 2007 favourites list.
  • Jacqueline Winspear (mystery) – Another period mystery author – 1930s London.
  • Jenna Black (urban fantasy) – I really liked the “The Devil Inside” (that kicked off her Morgan Kingsley series), not so much her other series, so a qualified yes.
  • John Flanagan (YA fantasy) – His books are aimed at a younger audience, but I do like.  I should really try and figure out why I enjoy YA fiction so much.
  • John Scalzi (SF) – I like his blog and I like his books.  Entertaining reads both.
  • Kerry Greenwood (mystery) – Err… yet another period mystery author, this time 1920s Melbourne.  Rec’d by Marg at the Historical Tapestries blog.  My only complaint is that these books are rather expensive, so I’ve only read one so far.
  • Laura Lee Guhrke (historical romance) – Not sure why I haven’t read her before actually, but loved her book “And Then He Kissed Her”.  I’ve the second in this series in my TBR. 
  • Meljean Brook (paranormal romance) – Feeling a bit guilty on this one, as her second novel “Demon Moon” is buried in my TBR pile – must read before her third book “Demon Night” comes out next month.
  • Nathalie Mallet (fantasy) – Her debut novel “Princes of the Golden Cage” was fantasy with a murder-mystery in it.  While some parts were unpolished, it kept me engrossed until the end.
  • Rachel Gibson (contemporary romance) – I don’t read much contemporary romance, but I really loved a couple of her books I read this year.
  • Richelle Mead (urban fantasy) – I loved her first book “Succubus Blues” and I have the follow-up “Succubus on Top” in my TBR pile.
  • Roberta Gellis (mystery) – Her medieval mysteries wowed me with the detail – I plan to try some of her other books soon.
  • Violette Malan (fantasy) – Another one I have yet to review, but in short, her debut novel, “The Mirror Prince”, had an intriguing storyline and good worldbuilding, though I would have liked to see more character development, and oh, the names drove me mad.

Finally, for what it’s worth – my “success” rate when it came to internet recs was 41% v. 29% for bookstore browsing… 

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4 thoughts on “The Year in Review – Part 4

  1. I tried to read Eva Ibbotson’s A Countess Below the Stairs but wasn’t drawn in by the first few chapters. D: Maybe I’ll try to read it again. A lot of people have been adding it to their favorites, I might have given up too soon.

  2. LOL – mini online buzz. I find I have to be in the *right* mood for Eva Ibbotson, it takes me a couple of chapters to get drawn into her world. It’s a proper feel-good book for me – you know the good guys win through in the end 🙂

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