The Year in Review – Part 5

Final post, and this time, looking ahead to 2008 (or the next eleven and a half months, anyway) based on 2007 reading.

So, in 2008, I predict:

  • I’m going to get started on ebooks!  Just because of my new Sony reader, which I *love love love*.  I’ve been downloading books (Baen Free Library’s a great starter source for SF/F, btw).  I’ve read one full-length novel and three short story collections so far on the reader, and have around err… unread ten books on it at the moment.  Not bad for just over a week.  And the instant gratification part of it is just – wow.  Read a review of a book you like?  Five minutes later it’s on your reader (I figure I’ll get that time down once I actually get to grips with the software, but that’s a moan for another time).  I really don’t want to see my credit card bill for this month.
  • I’ll read roughly the same number of new books I read in 2007, so between 150 to 200.  I don’t see this number increasing – it may even decrease because I don’t count re-reads, and I suspect I’ll take advantage of my ebook reader to do re-reads of old favourites.
  • The mix of genres I read now will not change substantially.  I think the number of historical romances I read has been falling steadily over the past year or so. A couple of years back, I predominantly read historical romance, but now, I probably read more urban fantasy / paranormal romance.  I’ve always enjoyed this subgenre, and there’s so many more books out there now.
  • Blogging-wise – well, I averaged about 12 posts a month in 2007.  I suspect it’ll remain the same as well in 2008.  It’s been fun and I’ve enjoyed having my own place on the web!

What I want to do in 2008 blog/book-wise – not quite resolutions, because I never manage to keep those…

  • I’d like to do better on the review front – in an ideal world, I’d review all the books I’ve read.  As it stands, I slacked off in the last quarter when real life got in the way and I’ve a whole backlog of books I want to mention.
  • Mmm… maybe become a bit more disciplined around my blog posts.  Come up with some sort of structure and be organised enough to do monthly wrap-ups.  I already post the list of books I want to get each month, so I’m partway there…
  • Redo my blog template – it’s okay, but the sidebar’s starting to get a bit unwieldy.  A bit limited on this front as I’m too cheap to shell out for custom templates.  LOL.
  • Redo the way I track my reads – For lack of a better idea (and spare time), I’m sticking with the sidebar pages to list the books I’ve read in January so far.  I’ve grouped the 2007 ones under a master page so it doesn’t look too messy.  But I want to do it properly… ahhh, I actually just want Jennie’s archives 🙂

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3 thoughts on “The Year in Review – Part 5

  1. You could have archives like mine! It’s really not hard to do . . . but it does take some time. 🙂 Maybe do it in small chunks. (Rather than the way I did it–I sat down one day and just did the whole thing and it took a long time, maybe 4 hours. But then I’m crazy like that.)

    I’ve been wanting to do something to change the look of my blog too. But it always takes so much longer than I think it will. Maybe I’ll just do a new banner.

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