I’m a convert

I’ve have my Sony Reader for a couple of weeks now, and the novelty still hasn’t worn off! 

I had to go to the doctor’s the other day, and instead of thinking about what reading material to bring, I just grabbed my reader – and yes, that was its first trip out of the house.  LOL.  I was terrified that someone would bump into my bag and break it.  I haven’t yet figured out how robust it is.  Having said that, I knocked it off the table the other day and had a minor panic attack, thinking I had broken it.  But no, it’s fine, so I figure it can stand up to minor knocks.

I can’t get over how easy it is to buy new books now.  I’m trying very hard to exercise self-restraint.  Err… on the other hand, actually getting the books on my reader – that’s another story.  I completely forgot how to convert HTML books to the Sony format yesterday, and spent 20 minutes becoming very frustrated.  I probably should jot down “how-to” notes for myself. 

See, that’s the downside of ebooks.  Conversion.  And that’s why I would never get an ebook reader as a present for say, my mum, who’s just figured out email.  I consider myself pretty computer-literate but I spent a good two hours on the internet when I first got my reader, trying to figure out what formats I could download and how to convert them.  Just thinking about how I would explain that to my mum makes me shudder.

And oh, the Sony ebook store.  How badly designed is that!  I couldn’t even figure out how to search for books at first.  They need to sort out their user interface – it’s so non-intuitive.  On the other hand, I think the Baen ebook store is fantastic.  I love their policy of offering non-DRM’d books in multiple formats and buying and downloading books from them is super-easy.

Oh, I’m a complete ebook convert.


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