Some covers…

It’s been, oh, a week since I last mentioned my ebook reader so…

It’s the little things that add to the experience, like when I press the Bookmark button on my Sony Reader, it changes the top right corner of the page so that it looks as though I’ve folded the corner of the page.  Rather clever.  I have to say though – if Apple came out with an ebook reader, I’ll be the first in the queue.  I don’t think anyone can top Apple when it comes to design. 

What I do miss about print books though are the covers.  Sigh.  Some ebooks have covers, but black-and-white pictures don’t do it.   Just to indulge myself, here are some covers from upcoming releases this year:


Kelley Armstrong‘s “Personal Demon” (March 2008) – The UK cover (left) beats the US one (right), IMO.  Too many colours on the US cover, I think.  The girl looks orange, and the purple background and green letters don’t help!  Maybe it’ll look better in real life.  On the UK cover, I wonder what the mask represents?  The UK covers in this series can sometimes be a bit blah, but they have a pretty consistent look and feel.

21yskqc-xpl__aa_sl160_.jpgElizabeth Vaughan‘s “Dagger-Star” (April 2008) – Ms Vaughan has posted some info on her new book (finally!) – same universe as the Warlands trilogy, but different characters.  Sample chapter here.  A rather eye-catching cover, methinks.


6 thoughts on “Some covers…

  1. I definitively agree with you, the UK cover is very nice… I don’t like the US cover very much, which is sad 😦 and I’m happy too that Ms Vaughan has finally posted something on her new book! I can’t wait for it and I’m really happy it’s the same world as the Warlands trilogy, even if it’s different kingdoms. Apparently, we might see past characters 😛

  2. IMO all of Kelley’s UK covers have been better than her US ones. There’s a strong identifiable theme running through them, which makes them easy to pick out in the bookshops.

    And I’m going to check out this TBR Wednesday’s thing. Boy I need all the help I can get.

  3. I don’t really like either of the Personal Demon jackets, though the UK one is better. The US one is just kind of ugly (I don’t like the colors and the girl is strange), but the UK one definitely does not look like a paranormal suspense book. But I will still buy it. For sure. 😉

  4. Nath – Elizabeth Vaughan needs to update her website more often! It feels like ages since her last book came out as well, can’t quite remember when. Am def looking forward to this one.

    Lesley – Agree, I was looking at her previous US covers when getting the Personal Demon one, and they’re all quite different from one another in look and feel. Err… Keishon’s website seems to be down at the moment, no idea why!

    Jennie – I like green, so I’m quite pleased with the UK cover 🙂 Good point about the cover, ummm… if I were a completely random browser in the bookstore, I don’t think I would pick it up.

  5. Holy crap, I am stoked for Elizabeth Vaughan’s new book. I loved the Warprize series, can’t wait for the new story. It has been a while!

    Hmm and I have to agree with your comments on the cover for Kelley Armstrong’s new book. The US cover is kinda wack. :S

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