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Tor is offering free ebooks if you sign up for a mysterious online project (via SF Signal).  First up is “Mistborn” by Brandon Sanderson (a B+ for me), while next week’s will be “Old Man’s War” by John Scalzi (I gave this a B – ah, the days when I actually wrote reviews!).  Anyway, I received the link for “Mistborn” today – rather annoyingly, it’s a PDF file, though no DRM, so I should be able to get it onto my Sony Reader relatively easily. 

The email also hinted that there will be eleven more free ebooks (well, ten after OMW) – hopefully books I haven’t yet read already!  Am quite pleased that I will have ebook versions of these books to carry around though – both are worth re-reads, IMO.  I just have to get the PDF conversion sorted – it’s one of the formats I have the most trouble with.  Sigh.

Also around the web, Keishon’s blog is back up and she has a post with the TBR Wednesday specifics.  First one will be the third Wed of March – by my calculations, that’s 19 March.  Time to choose a book from my TBR pile…

Finally, Nath, Ames and Chantal have started a new blog, Breezing Through – they have an excellent chatty review on Nalini Singh’s “Mine to Possess” to kick things off.

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