New Books

I couldn’t resist – I bought two books today.

21ag0jf5f3l__aa_sl160_.jpg“Young Warriors: Stories of Strength” (YA anthology, edited by Tamora Pierce and Josepha Sherman):  A review by Thea over at The Book Smugglers reminded me of how much I like Tamora Pierce’s work (and inspired me to start a reread of “Trickster’s Choice” – I know, like I don’t have enough new books to read already).  So I went to Ms Pierce’s website to see what she has coming out – not a whole lot for 2008 (sigh) but there was a Tortall short story in this anthology (published back in 2006).  And umm… there was an ebook version available…

And obviously, I couldn’t just buy one book, could I?  By the way, I think this is related to me being used to having to buy £15 worth of books at a time at Amazon to get free shipping.  So I bought Barbara Michaels‘ “Stitches in Time” as well, for which I’ve been searching high and low.  Note to self:  start looking for ebook versions as well.

Oh, and in keeping with my vow to read a book from my TBR pile before buying a new one?  Here are two books I finished recently:

21-pjhr4egl__aa_sl160_.jpg“My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon” (paranormal romance anthology) – I admit I bought this rather pricey trade paperback because of Kelley Armstrong‘s contribution. Which was okay (Clay and Elena go on a belated honeymoon), but slightly predictable.  I also liked Jim Butcher‘s Dresden Files story, but then again, I usually like his style.  The only other story that piqued my interest was PN Elrod‘s vampire detective story – will have to keep a look out for her books.  Apart from that, not a great anthology for me – C+ overall.

31082aw7hdl__aa_sl160_.jpg“Lord Darcy” by Randall Garrett (alternate-history/fantasy mystery) – Picked this one up at the Baen ebook store.  It’s actually a collection of short stories (and one full-length work).  I’d never heard of Randall Garrett before, but the premise intrigued me.  The alternate-history part is where Mr Garrett imagines how our world today (okay, 1960s/70s, which was when it was written) would be like if Richard the Lion-Hearted came back from the Crusades and continued to rule.  So the Plantagenets still rule a vast Anglo-French empire, with the Polish empire its great enemy.  Oh, and magic works as well.  More about the world here.  Lord Darcy (yes, you can probably see what grabbed my attention) is the Chief Investigator for Normandy, and this is a series of whodunnit stories.  Entertaining – a straight B for me.  (Errr… thank goodness for ebooks!  Ignore the cover – the inside’s much better!)


4 thoughts on “New Books

  1. Hmm, I had never even heard of that anthology by Tamora Pierce. I’ll be eagerly awaiting your review! 🙂 I’m sure it’s awesome, as all of her work is.

    And that sucks about “My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon” being a flop–although I probably would buy it just to read more about Clay *drools* and Elena. 🙂

  2. Thea – LOL, that is exactly why I bought it. And it was nice to read a short story about them, but not really worth paying $11 or however much it was. Arrrrghhh. I need to learn to wait for the mmp. Like I said though, I did like the PN Elrod story, so not a total write-off – finding new authors is always a good thing!

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