I don’t like change

I had a bit of spare time today, so decided to play around with my blog template.  I’ve changed it – don’t all rush to see it at once, because it’s not that exciting!  I think I need to come up with a nice picture for the top. 

I may actually swap back – mainly because I’m not keen on full justification for the text, and also because I don’t think it’s clear where the hyperlinks are.  Or maybe that’s just me.  I’ll give it a couple of days and see.

The other thing I did (which took waaaay too long) was to introduce sub-categories for my err… categories.  Which I think helps with the organisation side of things.  I nearly gave up halfway though, because it involved *manually* editing each and every category. 

Finally (and I did this a couple of weeks back), I moved my list of books read in 2008 to Google Docs (thanks Jennie for the idea), so here it is (accessible via my 2008 Books page as well).


3 thoughts on “I don’t like change

  1. I like this template–it’s very clean and neat. And love your spreadsheet. 🙂 I’m actually getting antsy because I haven’t put together my 2008 reading spreadsheet yet. Agh! I used Rosario’s last year, but I really wanted to make my own this time. But hers had all the graphs and charts already built in, which is nice (though I guess not strictly necessary). 🙂 I’ll probably just tweak last year’s, since I’m not that great with Excel.

  2. I like the new look, especially the cleaned up categories and subcategories 🙂 Organizing and housekeeping can be a bitch, but it definitely pays off!

  3. Thanks Jennie and Thea! I’m going to play around with an image for the top, methinks. The font size for the comments is a bit small so not liking that either. Gosh, I’m picky!

    Jennie – I used Rosario’s as a basis for mine, but dropped quite a few of the columns because I was lazy 🙂 I will probably copy it into Excel at the end of the year and do graphs. Lots of them!

    Thea – I’m incredibly pleased with the subcategories. LOL – yes, I know I’m sad! Even if I don’t stick with this theme, whatever theme I end up using will have to support subcategories now.

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