Too much time on my hands…

I’ve changed the header – old image:


 New image:


More personalised, I think (or well, as personalised as clipart from Word can be!).


4 thoughts on “Too much time on my hands…

  1. I quite like the new look! We thought about moving to WordPress this week but ended up doing some work on the old one instead. Quite daunting I may add. I am impressed that you managed to create your own art for the header – we are still scratching our heads and trying to figure out how to do it ourselves!!! LOL

  2. It was a combination of Word, Visio, and Paint! LOL – I’m sure there are easier ways to do it, but I do like to make things difficult for myself.

    WordPress is cool and really easy to use, but I think Blogspot is more flexible in terms of what you can do with your template. With WordPress, you only have a selected number of themes, and you can’t change the CSS unless you pay for an upgrade. Which I’m obviously too cheap to do…

    I think your blog looks great – your sidebars are v clean and organised!

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