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Diana Gabaldon posted the news that she put up a sample script and page from her graphic novel on her website.  I think it’s rather cool to have a behind-the-scenes peek at the novel and the process of putting it together.  I’ve said before I’m not a graphic novel fan (I think I focus too much on the words and don’t really take in the visuals), but I’ll be very tempted to get this when it comes out in 2009.

Anne Bishop‘s new novel “Tangled Webs” (out March 2008 – and no, I can’t wait) has an Australian cover, which is quite different to the US one.  I think I prefer the Australian one, which strikes me as more traditional fantasy, whereas the US one has, for some reason, an urban fantasy feel to it.  I also usually prefer not to have the model’s face on the cover – it’s a bit hit or miss whether the model looks like how you picture the character in your mind.  However, it doesn’t matter what the cover looks like – I’m definitely going to get this book regardless!


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