Books for March

I’m not exactly in a reading slump right now, but the pile of half-read books is steadily increasing.  Granted, four of them are anthologies, but the last book I finished was err… about two weeks ago.  Anyway, that may change, because I’m currently a few chapters into Robin McKinley’s “The Blue Sword” and it’s not bad so far (apologies, can’t remember who rec’d it!).

This also probably won’t stop me from getting a few books this month:

21dqhxvfhtl__aa_sl160_.jpgAnne Bishop‘s “Tangled Webs” (dark fantasy) – I suspect I’ll probably finish this in a single sitting.  This is set in her Black Jewels world and I think it’s Surreal who’s one of the major characters.  I was in the bookstore today (no, I didn’t get anything) and saw the omnibus edition of her original Black Jewels trilogy.  I was sooooo tempted.  Especially since I seem to have misplaced book 1.  We’ll see how I feel after I read “Tangled Webs”.  Excerpt here.

21eebmda3vl__aa_sl160_.jpgKelley Armstrong‘s “Personal Demon” (urban fantasy) – Latest instalment in her Otherworld series.  I’m excited that she’s switching to a new protagonist, even though I don’t remember Hope too well.  I think it keeps the series fresh, like when she switched from Elena to Paige.  Excerpt here.

21cehxehh2l__aa_sl160_.jpgLee Child‘s “Nothing to Lose” (thriller/suspense) – One of the few completely-no-romance series I read.  Jack Reacher slowly grew on me – he’s like the ultimate ex-military loner.  Oh, and the action/suspense/mystery is always good too.  Excerpt here

217i1qwlwal__aa_sl160_.jpgLisa Kleypas‘s “Blue-Eyed Devil” (contemporary romance) – Okay, this is a maybe for me.  I mean, I’ll definitely get it, but perhaps not in hardcover.  I wasn’t blown away by her first contemp, “Sugar Daddy”, but I think that had more to do with the plot structure than the writing.  I wasn’t hugely keen on the first half of “Sugar Daddy” focusing on Liberty’s childhood.  I’ll probably wait and see what the reviews say on this one.  This is the UK cover, by the way.  Very different from the US one.  Excerpt here

21egdyk2x5l__aa_sl160_.jpgAmanda Quick‘s “The River Knows” (historical romance) – Amanda Quick a.ka. Jayne Ann Krentz used to be an autobuy for me way back when.  Not so much recently, which is why I’m wavering over the paperback release for this one.  Anyone read it yet?  Umm… can’t find an excerpt for this one.


4 thoughts on “Books for March

  1. wow I was thinking Personal Demon was April. EEK I need to move that up!

    Blue-Eyed Devil was much better than Sugar Daddy, although I say that having enjoyed Sugar Daddy MUCH more than I thought I would. Of course I went into SD thinking I would hate it. LOL I am just a PITA all the way around 😉

  2. Marg – Tangled Webs comes out the earliest, I think the US release is first week of March. Kelley Armstrong seems to have numerous releases this year (not complaining!), so you’re going to have lots to read!

    Nicholas – You’re not helping to keep my TBR pile down! Ahhh… I’ll probably end up getting it sometime.

    Sybil – Personal Demon’s last week of March, so no need to rush 🙂 Hmmm… so if you thought Blue-Eyed Devil was better than Sugar Daddy, which you didn’t expect to like… I think it definitely stays on my Buy list!

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