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It feels as though every single publishing house is giving away free ebooks – not complaining though!  As part of their 10th anniversary celebrations, Eos is giving away “Flight of the Night Hawks” by Raymond Feist.  I can’t remember the last time I read a Feist book, though I distinctly remember being completely obsessed by the “Daughter/Servant/Mistress of the Empire” trilogy in school. 

Jacqueline Carey has posted an except of “Kushiel’s Mercy” on her website.  Three more months to go!

Suzanne Brockmann has put up the cover of her upcoming book “Into the Fire” (July 2007).  Ummm… now that Jules has his HEA, I’m less excited about the Troubleshooter series.  From her newsletter:

The book features former Troubleshooter Vinh Murphy, who’s been down and out since his wife, Angelina, was shot and killed in 2004’s HOT TARGET.

I’m not going to tell you too much about the book just yet — I’ll have the cover blurb for you in my April enewsletter — but the heroine is a new character — an old friend of Murphy’s named Hannah Whitfield. (In fact, Hannah introduced Murphy to Angelina, way back when…)

INTO THE FIRE also includes a subplot with Navy SEAL Izzy Zanella, as well an in-depth look at how Angelina’s death impacted Murphy’s fellow operatives at Troubleshooters Incorporated — particularly team leader Lawrence Decker.

Other point of view characters include Troubleshooters Sophia Ghaffari and Dave Malkoff. And of course, Izzy’s posse — Jenk, Lopez and Gillman — are major secondary characters in the book, too.

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