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Minor panic attack last night as my ebook reader just restarted randomly while I was reading.  I sat there barely daring to breathe until it had restarted properly and displayed all my books.  All 63 books/novellas appeared so I’m completely relieved and don’t even quite mind that the Collections on my memory card have vanished.  If all I have to do is re-organise my books, I’m happy.

Speaking of ebooks, this week’s Tor giveaway is Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory‘s “The Outstretched Shadow”.  I’ve read this one – so out of the four books so far, I’ve read three.  LOL.  Not doing too well there.  On the other hand, it’s nice to have e-versions of the books to carry around.

Once my reader started behaving itself, I continued reading JD Robb‘s “Innocent in Death”.  I was wrong in thinking this was where I left off in the “In Death” series, btw – I missed the previous one where Mavis had her baby.  I get confused with the titles in this series.  Instead, I keep them straight by using “this is the one where the chambermaid got murdered”.  Or “this is the one where the guy leaped from his flat”.  You know, for a series with 20-something books, it’s pretty amazing that the murder/mystery is unique for each book.  So this is the one with the history teacher murder.

I really really liked it.  More than I thought I would.  This series is sort of a comfort read for me – it’s reliable and I know what I’m going to get when I read an Eve/Roarke book.  Which is good, but well, a bit boring. 

But in this book, a lady from Roarke’s past makes an appearance.  And she’s everything Eve isn’t – glamorous and polished, with a shared history with Roarke.  And for once, Roarke’s famed cool and street smarts desert him. I didn’t think there would ever be a time when Roarke wouldn’t “get” Eve.  So yeah, I really enjoyed the relationship angle in this book.  Seeing Eve and Roarke struggle to re-connect and the pay-off at the end.  Oh, and the solution to the murder?  Very neat.  And a bit chilling.  A very strong B+ for me.


3 thoughts on “This and that

  1. I just finished rereading this one myself. It`s one of the better ones I think. I thought it was good to see a bit of trouble in paradise – and yeah – wanted to smack Roarke upside the head a time or two in this one for not `getting`it.
    And I amazed myself that I guessed who the culprit was fairly early into the story. I`m usually terrible at trying to figure it out.

  2. My ebook reader has given me 2 almost-heart attacks. The first (and definitely worst) was when I was about to leave for my two months in Japan a couple of years ago.

    I was leaving early the next morning, so I decided to charge the battery so that it was 100% for the very long trip. Problem is, Uruguay has 220 V electricity while the ebookwise requires 110 V, so I used a converter.

    Well, I was so harassed and stressed about my packing that I plugged things in wrong, and I ended up giving it a nice shot of 220 V! I started feeling this awful smell of burning and the charger went “pop!” and smoke started coming out of it. I was *terrified* convinced I’d burned the reader itself. Fortunately, I could still turn it on, and I was able to get a new charger from an electrical supplies store nearby.

    Second almost – heart attack wasn’t so bad… I just turned it on one day, when I *knew* there was still plenty of battery to go, and it had drained completely. I just charged it again and it seemed to be fine. Phew!

  3. Kristie(J) – Yeah, you just wanted to yell at Roarke a couple of times, didn’t you? LOL. It was nice to see him acting like a clueles male instead of super-Roarke for a bit. And I only figured out who the murderer was around the same time Eve did. But then, I’m normally really bad at things like that, so I’m pretty pleased I got it before the reveal!

    Rosario – OMG. I would have completely freaked out. The first thing I did when I came back yesterday was to back up all the books I had on it in a single location. Just in case 🙂

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