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A really good interview with Patricia Briggs is up at Nalini Singh‘s blog.  She talks about her upcoming Anna and Charles book “Cry Wolf” (and the cover is posted there as well – love it!) as well as the Mercy series.  The next Mercy book is called “Bone Crossed” and the vampires are back.

Catherine Asaro‘s “Primary Inversion” has been added to the Baen free library.  If you haven’t yet read any of her Skolian saga series, this is a great book to start with.


4 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. Oooh, I keep meaning to try Asaro. Maybe I’ll read some online — I’ll never manage to read the whole thing on computer. Some of us don’t have nifty ebook readers yet. 😦


  2. Oh I *love* my Sony Reader. But then you’ve probably already guessed that, haven’t you! 😀

    My main concern was that I’d find it difficult to source Sony-format books, but there are ummm… ways and means around that – haven’t yet found a book I can’t convert yet.

  3. Hie!!!
    Following your advice I read “Moon Called” ^^

    Well I had some trouble in the beginning since it’s written like a speech. I’m French and I’ve got an English-French dictionary with some American-English words included but not the whole lot… And since I’m studying languages I prefer when I understand each single word. My bro told me he’ll give me a good link to resolve that tiny problem though. Was not really hooked by the story – probably because I saw too much Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode when I was younger – but I’ve got to say I simply LOVE how she writes ^^ I didn’t really got hooked by the story but her writing style is fresh and I love it ^^

    Thanks for making me discover this wonderful author ^^

    Liked the interview by the way… However I don’t know if I’ll stick up with the Mercy Series, she said she’s got a contract for 3 more books not counting the upcoming one… And as each book is a stand alone, I don’t really know ^^ I personally prefer reading straight Fantasy, so I’ll see what she’d written in that genre.

    Between traditional Fantasy and urban One I’m curious to know what you prefer.

    PS: Btw your spreadsheet for 2008 is really handy ^^ Good Idea, clear and fast to see what’s interesting ^^

  4. Am glad Patricia Briggs worked for you! Definitely try her straight fantasy – slightly unusually, she wrote duologies so would probably suit you, i.e. no long series! The Hurog duology is a good one to start with (“Dragon Bones” is the first one) if you’ve not made up your mind.

    Between traditional and urban fantasy – ummm… it’s a tough call. I’m definitely reading more urban fantasy than I used to, but that’s probably more a reflection of the fact there’s so much out there now. I think if an author’s good, I’ll read him/her regardless of genre. And it depends on my mood, sometimes I’ll prefer a traditional fantasy, other times I’ll just feel like an urban one. So my answer is probably no preference!

    Thanks for the spreadsheet comment, but I can’t take all the credit – nicked the idea off Jennie (Jennie’s B(ook)log). You’ve reminded me that I need to update it now 🙂

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