New Covers

51zoltroxwl__ss500_.jpgCame across this cover for Eloisa James‘ “Desperate Duchesses” on Amazon – it’s a UK edition that came out last month.  What do you think?  I like the the male hand holding a chess piece – very nice touch.  But major cleavage!  Hmm… probably quite true to the era though.

Also, on her website, she has the new cover for “Duchess by Night” (July 2008) up – my first thought was it’s green!  Am slightly puzzled by the model pose – she’s just sitting on her bed errr… showing off her legs.  I preferred the “An Affair Before Christmas” cover.

Julia Quinn‘s also unveiled the cover of her new book “The Lost Duke of Wyndham” (May 2008).  It’s very very different to her previous ones and almost like a TV adaptation book cover.  I think it would work if my mental image matches that of the models, else it could be rather distracting.  The UK covers (scroll down) are pretty consistent with her other books – more chick-lit cartoony characters style.  They’re inoffensive, IMO – they wouldn’t make me think “wow” but neither would they put me off.


2 thoughts on “New Covers

  1. O-ho! That’s some cleavage! Hmm, should I invest in some corsets?

    I do like that green cover… it kind of looked ot me as if the hero’s right outside the frame, and she’s looking at him?

  2. The pose may make more sense once we actually read the book 😀

    Am slightly disappointed in the new cover because I *loved* the previous one for AABC (though I know it wasn’t to everyone’s taste!) – so this one looks a bit blah to me.

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