Ebooks, etc

Tor’s giveaway of the week was Jo Walton‘s “Farthing”.  Am pleased with this one as it’s a book that I’ve been meaning to check out.  Next week’s book is Tobias Bucknell‘s “Crystal Rain” – again, he’s an author I’ve been curious about, so yay!

Oh, in case you were wondering why they were giving away ebooks, all is explained here.

And on ebook readers – I saw this Times article on “The £99 laptop” (manufactured by Elonex).  And the first thing I thought was hmm… potential ebook reader.  Apparently you can detach the screen from the keyboard, sort of tablet-style, but unfortunately the screen isn’t touchscreen as that was too expensive.  There’s wifi included (and Bluetooth as well if you upgrade to the £119 version). 

Possible downside?  The operating system is Linux, which I’m not hugely familiar with – hmm… remind me to check what ebook reader software is available on Linux. 

But all in all, very interesting possibilities here.  It launches in June, but to reserve one, they’re asking for a £10 deposit.


4 thoughts on “Ebooks, etc

  1. I love anything ebook! Thanks for promoting what can be a fabulous tool to prove Mr. Jobs wrong. People do read, providing we supply quality product at an acceptable cost.

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