The TBR Pile Increases

I had a 15% off coupon for Fictionwise, so here’s what I bought this week:

A bundle of Suzanne Brockmann‘s “Tall, Dark And Dangerous” books (romantic suspense) – Now this is cool.  Someone mentioned on the AAR boards that Harlequin was releasing this series as ebook bundles.  I love this series, but a lot of them are hard to find.  There are three different bundles, and I’d read the ones in Part 1 and 3, so I passed – though I am tempted to buy them just to have e-versions around.  Anyway, Part 2 had the following:

I haven’t read the first three (at least, I don’t think so – and if I have it was ages ago!).  I’ve read “The Admiral’s Bride” relatively recently, and it’s not one of my favourites, but all in all, it’s a good selection for me!

Joan Wolf‘s “Lord Richard’s Mistress” (historical romance) – I’m a fan of her older historicals, and this is a new one to me.  I think this is one of her much earlier works, so I’ve no idea whether this is good or not.

21z32bqinuml__aa_sl160_.jpgMoira J Moore‘s “Heroes Adrift” (fantasy adventure) – Now this was an impulse buy because while I thought the first book in this series had potential, I really didn’t like the second – I thought the heroine was whiny and self-obsessed, and it was very almost a DNF.  So I’ve no idea why I picked this up – maybe it’s the cover (which btw, is completely misleading – it’s not a ship-based adventure despite the cover setting at all!). 

Anyway, I did finish it last night – it’s a quick read, definitely an improvement over the second book and there were a couple of laugh-out-loud moments for me.  But the plot twist was very obvious (and coming from me, that’s saying a lot!) and it’s not one of the books that leave much of an impression once you finish it.  Even though it’s a series, I don’t feel any more attached to the characters after the third book than I did after the first.  So while it’s a B- for me, it’s a bit of a qualified rec, because it’s not really a standalone, and to read book 3, you’d have to read book 2 which didn’t quite work for me…

210pv4054al__aa_sl160_.jpg217kdsf9h5l__aa_sl160_.jpgGoing off on a tangent, the cover for the third book is completely different to that of the first two books, even though Ms Moore’s website says they’ve all been done by the same artist.  The first two covers (first one on the left, and second on the right) seem to be aimed more at a YA audience, although I don’t think they were really YA fantasy books.  I do like the cover of “Heroes Adrift” – think it’s a huge improvement over the first two!

Finally, I also pre-ordered Elizabeth Vaughan‘s “Dagger-Star” (April 1) – looking forward to this one!


7 thoughts on “The TBR Pile Increases

  1. I enjoyed The Admiral’s Bride and Harvard’s Education. Brockmann is more miss than hit for me lately. Hope you enjoy them. I haven’t read the rest of that series.

  2. So far looking at your 2008 spreadsheet, I’ve only seen 3 “A”s for 28 books.

    There are more “C”s than “A”s, that’s a pity you’re so weak for covers ^^ but at least I know when I have a doubt what to avoid.

    I was pretty interested in Moira J Moore’s Pirate series – HA I’m also a sucker for covers – but I’ll put that one for summer probably.

    Btw, I read half of Sharon Shinn’s Archangel book, and it was awesome ^^ But I’m letting it rest for a week or two I simply don’t feel in the mood to read the rest now.

    Since I saw you seemed to love Eloisa James I gave “Potent Pleasures” a try. I usually hate romance-only books when there’s not a single tiny bit of action – not including err you know what – but that one was a nasty page-turner. Here I am, it’s 2:20am and I’ve been reading without putting the book down since… yep 2:20pm
    That’s saying something!
    It was at times funny, always wonderfully written and easy-to-read and so… BOLD!
    God were they really speaking like that back then? Anyway, I’ve planned to tire myself out tomorrow with the second installment of her Pleasures series….

    Hope I’ll manage to stop – or even better, finish – at a more decent hour.

  3. Keishon – I’ve read quite a few in this series over the years, but not in order, as they’re not easy to find. So looking forward to these new ones 🙂

    La Plume – LOL, I was trying to figure out how to comment on your site when I saw you were reading Eloisa James! I wasn’t sure if it would work for you… am glad you’re enjoying it! She’s a relatively new-to-me author, but now a definite autobuy. Okay, I don’t think she scores As for historical accuracy, but I do love her books.

    I’m pretty stingy with my As because they have to be books I just love. Btw, I must add my grades are just my opinions – I know that some of the books that were Cs for me were keepers for others.

  4. ^^
    yeah well, unfortunately you have to register to comment there, but I’m glad you came ^^ I originally had a wordpress blog as well to help me focus on drawing solely but found myself more talking about Korean dramas I had watched than posting pictures – been a month and a half I haven’t watched anything thing about it. So I opened a deviant account and two weeks later got struck by this awful reading fever for which, sorry to say that, but you’re partly to blame.

    So far I found that your choice of books you liked are to my taste ^^ except for Nalini Singh I guess.. Problem is I’m curious about the universe she’s created but the overly sugar coated romance is an awful repellent for me.

    But if you put a C on a book I may found interesting, I’ll just read it when I’ll have enough time ^^

    One of the other I absolutely want to read is Elizabeth Peters. I don’t remember which post it was in which you spoke really eloquently about her writing… I think you spoke about Ramses or something. Anyway it stirred up my curiosity ^^ I FEEL SO GUILTY!!! I know I should draw during my free time, but I just can’t help it -_-

  5. La Plume – Nothing wrong with reading 🙂

    I *love* Elizabeth Peters and her Amelia Peabody series. Err… if you’ve been reading my previous posts, that wouldn’t come as a surprise.

    It’s very different from the urban fantasy/romance books I’ve been reading recently – it’s more mystery, with a romance subplot, and set in the 1900s. “The Crocodile on the Sandbank” is the first one – I thought it was good but not fantastic, but the series really came alive for me after the first few books. I never ever thought I’d be so hooked on a series that revolved around Egyptian archaeology before this…

  6. I’ve read almost all of Elizabeth Peters’ books through the years. I really enjoy the other books she wrote, too–especially the Vicky Bliss series (and I see a new one will come out in August)! It has been years since I read that series, but I remember it fondly. I’ll have to see if I can find the books again and re-read them before the new one come out.

    I will have to look for the Brockmann and Wolf books because I, too, really like their early books and they can be hard to find.

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