This and That

Jennie and her sis have set up an unofficial website for Mary Stewart!  I think it looks fantastic.  I’ve never read any of Ms Stewart’s books before, but I really want to now.  Any author that can inspire fans to set up a website like that has to be good  😀

And how are you doing in the Dear Author / SBTB DABWAHA?  At this very moment, I’m joint 22nd – which is my highest position so far!  Yes, I know I’m tied with 11 others but let me savour the moment.

I’ve got Patricia Briggs’ “Blood Bound” as my Predicted Champion – she made it past Meljean Brook’s “Demon Angel” (that was a toughie) and is up against Colleen Gleason’s “The Rest Falls Away” in Round 3.  Fingers crossed.


6 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Yay! Thanks. Have you decided which Stewart you’re going to try?? :p

    I played in the first DABWAHA, but did pretty badly and didn’t get around to making my picks for the second. It’s fun to watch it all, but I was torn between voting for what I actually wanted to win and voting for what I thought was mostly likely to win. There were quite a few where those two were different. 😉

  2. I’ve just ordered three from Abebooks – LOL. Touch Not the Cat, Thornyhold, and Rose Cottage. I’m such a sucker.

    DABWAHA – Yep, totally know what you mean – sentiment v logic! I ended up picking a mixture of the two – looking at the results, I should have gone for the logical option every time.

  3. Excellent choices on Stewart. Actually, I’d say that whichever books you picked. 🙂 But Thornyhold and TNtC are two of my faves. And now I sort of want to reread Rose Cottage, because I haven’t in years and years. It was her last book and it’s very sweet. Not exciting like her earlier suspense novels, but very nice.

  4. La Plume – Follow the link! It’s basically a poll run by Dear Author and Smart Bitches Trashy Books (two good reader review sites – links on my blogroll down the right). To make it more interesting, they offered a chance for people to predict the winners – you’re awarded points based on how many correct winners you pick. Just a bit of fun 🙂

    Here – this post explains more…


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