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217jwo36r2bl__aa_sl160_.jpgETA: I’m rubbish – I completely forgot about Jo Beverley‘s “A Lady’s Secret” (historical romance).  Seeing it in the bookstore today was a nice surprise!  It’s set in the Georgian era, and I’m pretty sure it’s part of her Malloren family series.  I’m also getting her two-in-one traditional regency reissues, “Lovers and Ladies”, when it appears on the shelves.  Ms Beverley blogged a bit about “A Lady’s Secret” on Word Wenches, btw. 

Excerpt here .


Books I want to get this month:

21yskqc-xpl__aa_sl160_.jpgElizabeth Vaughan‘s “Dagger-Star” (fantasy romance) – I loved her Chronicles of the Warlands trilogy, and am looking forward to this one, which is set in the same world but with a different cast of characters, from what I can gather.  I think it’ll be interesting to see the Warlands from a different perspective.  The cover’s very… bright.  Striking.  I’m pretty sure it’ll stand out on the shelves due to colour alone. 

Excerpt here (out April 1).

21isv88habl__aa_sl160_.jpg2100kwwr5rl__aa_sl160_.jpgKaren Chance‘s “Embrace the Night” (urban fantasy) – Third book in the Cassandra Palmer series.  I really like this series – my thoughts on the second book “Claimed by Shadow” are here.  I’ve uploaded both the UK and US covers – UK on the left, US on the right.  Same picture, it’s just that they’ve gone for monochrome in the UK and changed the position and fonts used for the title and author’s name.  No idea why. 

Excerpt here (out April 1).

214p7q1lg5l__aa_sl160_.jpgLois McMaster Bujold‘s “Passages” (fantasy) – Third in her Sharing Knife series.  After my little fangirl squee over “Legacy”, I’m obviously going to get “Passages” now.  Not blown away by the cover, but I don’t think it’ll be the deciding factor for people buying this book. 

Umm… can’t find an excerpt, but blurb here (out April 22). 

 21uv5nuemnl__aa_sl160_.jpgLisa Shearin‘s “Armed and Magical” (fantasy) – Second in her Raine Benares series.  I wasn’t completely blown away by the first book “Magic Lost, Trouble Found”, but I thought the ending was clever and that this series had potential.  I love the cover too – it captures Raine’s attitude perfectly, IMO. 

Excerpt here (out April 29 – so I suppose this is technically a May book).

31okquwm16l__aa_sl160_.jpgElizabeth Peters‘ “Night Train to Memphis” (mystery) – Heh.  This is not a new release, but a re-issue.  It’s the one Vicky Bliss book I haven’t yet read (until the new one comes out in September!).  I have been searching everywhere for this one, so I’m super-happy they’re reissuing it (out 24 April).

I’m wondering about:

21je5llnizl__aa_sl160_.jpgSherry Thomas‘ “Private Arrangements” (historical romance) – I can’t remember the latest book that got so much buzz in blogland.  Maybe Joanna Bourne’s “The Spymaster’s Lady”?  Which err… is sitting in my TBR pile.  And has been since Jan.  Sigh.  I’ll probably get this one too, but not just yet.  I like the cover, but to me, it conveys this medieval feel.  And I’m pretty sure it’s set in the late 1800s.


12 thoughts on “Books for April

  1. Agree about the buzz about Private Arrangements being as intense as that of The Spymaster’s Lady. And since I adored TSL (and the original recs both came from Jane at DearAuthor), I have very high hopes for PA.

    As for the others, I want Passages very badly. Haven’t yet read Elizabeth Vaughan, but I have Warprize in the TBR. I’m a bit reluctant about starting yet another urban fantasy series, so those two you mention are not in my radar. And Night Train to Memphis is wonderful. I can’t wait for the next one.

  2. Didn’t know Elizabeth Vaughan but I’ll start start the trilogy you talked about tomorrow. The cover for her upcoming book is stunning though, I understand why you want to buy it ^^

    By the way, I just finished reading Archangel by Sharon Shinn… I’m actually reluctant to start the second book of the Samaria series.

    I honestly love the world she’s created but I just couldn’t bring myself to like Rachel. At the beginning I was simply a little annoyed. I mean, Yes Gabriel had behaved like a jerk, but she was no easy either so at least they were both standing on equal foot. But at the story progressed, all I wanted was to slap her real good. I mean Gabriel did everything he could to understand her so that her life wouldn’t be too hard, but she never bothered to try alleviating his burden or worries. She sees he’s got a huge amount of responsibilities, always talks to him in a bitchy way and expects him to be all nice with her, blaming him for leaving her alone when she’s the one who drives him away.

    All I could see in her was a selfish b… who thought she was the only one suffering from Jovah’s decisions ( and haven’t Gabriel told her several times that he too hadn’t chosen to take her as a spouse?) and consequently had good reasons to behave the way she did.

    And even in the end, when she recognizes she was wrong, she keeps putting tests and throwing her temper at her husband. I wish Sharon Shinn hadn’t added the “Adam and Isaac” part at the end, not counting the fact that there is again that stupid test about reaching Hagard’s home by foot! God!

    Needless to say, I got more than extremely pissed. She just doesn’t deserve him. I know apparently he was supposed to be pretentious so that she could “humble” him, but though it may have been the case in the very beginning it didn’t last long when she on the opposite remained bitchy from beginning to end.
    Given her fierce personality, I would have expected her to play a more important role in the ruling of Samaria, but all she did was singing… which Gabriel already did on top of organizing the territory he ruled.

    And finally, there was not enough space in the book for the supposed love between the two. Not enough pages that described it ,how they started to like each other or what they liked what they didn’t, not enough to believe in their love story. Again, if Rachel had been nicer than, I may have had no complain but RAH!!!

    I’m sorry it’s a bit long but I just wanted to vent a bit of my frustration. I hate being unnerved by a book but the more I think about it the more pissed I become.

    And so all this ranting boils down to this question: Could you tell me if I’ll have to deal with such an unlikable character in the following books?

    Just so that I know If I should put that series down for while. Again it’s not like I didn’t like it, it’s just that I SO WANTED TO KILL RACHEL, it spoiled the book for me -_- I don’t even want to think about it any more…

  3. Rosario – I don’t think I’ve seen a negative review for TSL. I’ll probably cave and get PA soon. Lisa Shearin’s book isn’t urban fantasy, btw – more high fantasy, but with humour!

    La Plume – LOL. Sorry to hear Archangel didn’t work for you. I take it Gabriel/Rachel won’t rank in you all-time favourite couples list then? You’ll be glad to know that the next book is set a few hundred years later, IIRC. The first three books have different cast of characters because they’re set at different times.

  4. Hey! Came across your December post about the new Vicky Bliss and wrote this before I realized it was old and you probably wouldn’t see it…

    “I must admit, although I have enormous love for Amelia, I almost love the Vicky Bliss novels more! How can you not love John Smythe? Yummy!

    And while a new Amelia book is always welcome, it has been more than 10 years since she published the last Vicky book, making this huge news. I recommend you read Night Train to Memphis, if that’s the one you haven’t read, asap. Seriously the best one and you’ll be glad you don’t have to wait so long for a new one. 🙂 ”

    I guess my point is, yes, read Night Train asap!!! Try your local library if you’re having trouble tracking it down at a bookstore. I’m a librarian and even if they don’t have it, most libraries could at least ILL (interlibrary-loan) it for you. But at least they’re reissuing it if that doesn’t work.

  5. That Elizabeth Peters cover is gorgeous! I love it. But I have another Vicky Bliss in my TBR, so I will make myself read that one before getting this one.

    On the others: very excited about the Bujold, I’m not buying the JoBev because I have (literally) about 6 books of hers TBR, and I bought Private Arrangements but haven’t read it yet. I just can’t hold out against that much buzz. You’re right about the cover–it does look Medieval and I’m pretty sure it’s Victorian.

  6. Night Train to Memphis is the best Vicky Bliss book of the series. There is lots of interaction between Vicky and John and you finally learn more about John. I didn’t think that Peters was going to write another book in the series, I thought it had concluded. I am so excited that there is going to be another one! I would love to hear your comments when you do finally read it.

  7. Beth & Jill – You’ve really made me excited about Night Train now 😀 I must say my “New Vicky Bliss!” post pops up in my Top Posts list a *lot* so quite a few people are obviously looking forward to it!

    Jennie – I read the Jo Beverley last night, liked it a lot, but then I usually do! What I love about her is the attention she pays to historical details – for instance, I never realised how difficult it was to write and post a letter in Georgian times if you weren’t part of the aristocracy…

  8. So. Many. Books.

    🙂 Gaah! This month is awesome for all the new releases–not to mention Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews which I just picked up the other day. The new Sharing Knife book, and Dagger Star, and Cassandra Palmer, and Raine Benares books (book 1 is STILL on my tbr)…

    My poor, poor bookshelf.

  9. I totally agree with La Plume about Archangel. I went out and bought as many books of the series I could find and they’ve been sitting in my TBR pile, untouched. Ugh, couldn’t stand Rachel.

    Didn’t enjoy the Cassandra Palmer series either, although all the covers are so pretty. I guess it’s too fantasy and not enough romance in it.

    Vicky Bliss, never read that series… what genre is it? and what is the title of the first book?

    I got Private Arrangements, but seriously, no idea why I bought it ^_^; Probably because of the hype.

    Hope you enjoy Dagger Star… and the Lisa Shearin sounds interesting 😛

  10. Nath – Read the Cassandra Palmer book the other night, loved it! But then again, I liked the first two too.

    Vicky Bliss is mostly mystery, with an ongoing romance subplot. I post about Elizabeth Peters a lot, not sure if you’ve read any of her books 😀

    First book? There is a sort of prequel (The Camelot Caper), but it’s not one of my favs, so would suggest “Borrower of the Night” as the “proper” first book.

    More info on the Vicky Bliss series here

    Personally, I prefer her Amelia Peabody series (okay, I love this series), but the VB books are good too.

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