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Oooh – go and check out Patricia Briggsnew covers for her older fantasy books (the March 26 entry).  I like the “When Demons Walk” and “The Hob’s Bargain” ones, but think I preferred the old “Dragon Bones” cover.   Not entirely sure about the new “Steal the Dragon” cover, though it’s definitely an improvement over the old.  Agree that the old covers were looking a bit dated – I think the new ones are aimed at the Mercy readers.  

Kelley Armstrong has set up a website for her new YA “Darkest Powers” series.  Errr… too many clicky-things and moving pictures for me, but I don’t think it’s aimed at people like me!  The cover of the first book “The Summoning” is up – I think it looks great.

On the cover theme, here’s the French cover of Lois McMaster Bujold‘s “The Sharing Knife: Beguilement”.  It’s so completely different from the American one.  I like the imagery, but more colour would have been nice.


4 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. I hate the new Steal the dragon cover… The others are err… bit too realistic I’d say. If it was aimed at fans of the Mercy series, they should have asked the artist who drew the last cover. I love the cover of Iron Kissed. That’s too bad. Though I admit, it’s much more trendy.

    On the opposite I simply love the French cover of Sharing Knife : Beguilement, but yes a bit more color would have been nice but I still prefer this one compared to the American.
    Made me want to read it.

    I’ve started Falling Free and I’m halfway through the book, but I’ve never been a science fiction addict. I don’t like all that stuffs about faraway planets and machines. Bit too ugly, it reminds of our own cities and factories, which are gray and polluted and ugly and deprived of all warmth and humanity, so It hardly makes me dream.
    Another problem is : quaddies.

    Arg! I don’t even want to imagine what they look like sorry.

    Reminded me of a documentary about Monsanto I saw two weeks ago. They were showing corn trees, and the Mexican peasants were explaining that for corn trees these were simply monsters… Their fields had been contaminated by American GMOs.

    So well, these corn trees certainly looked weird but what made me sick is that I started to wonder What would it have looked like if they were humans?


    Btw, It’s not that Archangel didn’t work for me. I took the book twice to finish it. In fact It took me exactly a bit more than a day. The book was excellent but Rachel… ARG So no you’re right Gabriel/Rachel is definitely not my favorite pairing ^^ I’m glad to know the other books are about different pairings ^^

  2. La Plume – I’ve actually never read “Falling Free”, it’s the one Vorkosigan book that I haven’t read. “The Warrior’s Apprentice” is a good place to start, if FF hasn’t put you off.

  3. Aww, I don’t know how to feel about the new Briggs covers. I LOVE my dated, hideously silly fantasy covers for Steal the Dragon, When Demons Walk and Hob’s Bargain. *sniffles* I guess they needed an update, but these old covers, along with say for example the old Anne McCaffrey make me feel all cozy and secure and warm inside. These new covers are nice, but so…trendy.

    On the Sharing Knife cover, I think it’s fine, but I really loved the US cover(s) for Beguilement and Legacy, so I’m biased. Still think I like those better!

    And, I’m proud to announce I just got in my first Vorkosigan novel! I’m starting with Young Miles on a friend’s recommendation 🙂 Not to mention your very high reviews for the series in general! 😀

  4. Thea – Hurray! That’s a good one, I think it’s an omnibus with “The Warrior’s Apprentice” starting it off.

    I saw the cover flat for the new “Steal the Dragon” cover in person the other day – I think they’re going to be quite eye-catching on the shelves. And maybe Ace will re-release Masques – it’s the one Briggs book that I haven’t managed to get hold of.

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