I Went Slightly Mad…

… at Fictionwise’s April sale (50% off in Micropay rebates until 4 April).

Books I bought:

  • “Silent in the Santuary” by Deanna Raybourn – Historical mystery.  I haven’t posted about this (because I’m wayyyy behind), but I read “Silent in the Grave” (the first book in this series) the other day and really liked it – I’m a sucker for historical settings and it was a good mystery, with some unexpected laugh-out-loud moments.  I wasn’t expecting this book to be funny! 
  • “Private Arrangements” by Sherry Thomas – Historical romance.  Ah well, I didn’t hold out long, did I?
  • “Steelflower” by Lilith Saintcrow – Fantasy.  I read the first two books of her Dante Valentine series, and stopped because the heroine was really getting on my nerves, and I hated the cliffhanger endings.  Having said that, I did like her writing style so I’m trying another book of hers.
  • “Dark Watcher” by Lilith Saintcrow – Urban fantasy.  And another one, because why stop at one when you can have two?  This is book 1 of a series, actually, so I’m wondering if it suffers from the cliffhanger syndrome too.
  • “Met by Chance” by Lynne Connolly – Historical romance.  The review at Dear Author piqued my interest.  And it’s Georgian!
  • “Once Bitten, Twice Shy” by Jennifer Rardin – Urban fantasy.  LesleyW loves this series, so I’ve been meaning to read the first book for a few months now.
  • “Embrace the Night” by Karen Chance – Urban fantasy.  Third in the Cassandra Palmer series – this was on my Must Get list for April.  And I’m glad to say it didn’t disappoint.  I loved it – borderline A for me.  It’s a refreshingly different urban fantasy series, not least because the main character is clairvoyant and can travel through time.  I love how Ms Chance builds a story around time travel paradoxes.

6 thoughts on “I Went Slightly Mad…

  1. It wasn’t very mad, you know LOL 🙂 Esp. if you had 50% off on your purchase.

    I just bought Once Bitten, Twice Shy by Jennifer Rardin too! but I’m having a bit of difficulty getting into it.

  2. Nath – I remember the cover put me off slightly when I saw it in the bookstore, because it looked as though it was err… vampire chicklit! Haven’t started it yet though.

  3. I actually thought the cover was nice, LOL. Lot of spunk you know… but reading it, I had difficulty getting in the story. I don’t know if it’s me or the book though… I haven’t been in a great reading mood lately 😦

  4. lilith saintcrow is good if you read them one after the other. it’s what i did for the dante valentine series and I didn’t even notice the cliffhangers. much.

  5. An – The other thing with the Dante Valentine series was that I just wasn’t liking Danny much! Also IIRC, I read the first two books – and then there was a major gap between books? This was when they first came out (and before they reissued with the new covers). But I am reading “Steelflower” now and enjoying it. She also has a new series coming out later this year… am considering it!

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