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Sigh.  WordPress did some sort of upgrade and I can’t post pictures at the moment. Here’s hoping they fix the problems next week – after all, posting covers is half of the fun 🙂 I’m also reserving judgement on the new design – sure, it looks pretty, but I somehow think the old version was more intuitive. Or maybe I’m just old-fashioned.

Anyway, Anne Bishop has a new contract with Penguin for three new books – two of which will be Black Jewels books (via her website).  One will be a sequel to “The Shadow Queen”, which is the next Black Jewels book out March 2009, while the other will be a collection of short stories. 

The cover of the next Kelley Armstrong book, “Living with the Dead” (Nov 2008), is up on her website.  Call me slow, but I’ve just realised that the pendant makes an appearance on all the covers.  I want to see what they do for the UK version.


4 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. I just signed in today and saw the new layout/format for wordpress. I’m excited its about time. It’s got a lot of the same stuff as blogger. I’m liking it so far.

  2. I’m not sure about the Anne Bishop deals. I hope that “The Shadow Queen” will be better than “Tangled Webs”… and I’m a bit disappointed to know that her other Black jewels book will be short stories 😦

    I can’t wait for the new Women of the Otherworld book though! and I didn’t even notice about the pendant. so you’re not slow, Li.

  3. Mollie – I like the new colours (v cheery!) but I still can’t post pictures! The screen just goes blank when I try to insert an image 😦

    Marg & Nath – I wasn’t too thrilled with “Tangled Webs”, but I’ve my fingers crossed that “The Shadow Queen” will be better because it’ll be a different cast of characters. And in a way, I think short stories would be good because we get to revisit old characters without it necessarily having to fill up a whole book – I felt as though TW was a padded-out novella.

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