I had to upgrade both the Java and Shockwave versions on my laptop, but I can now post pictures!  It’s the little things…

Okay, here’s why I wanted to post pictures – I came across the Eva Ibbotson covers for the US and UK markets. 

The UK ones:


The US ones:


I’ve the UK editions for all except “A Company of Swans” – I loved the US tutu cover, but now I’m thinking the UK one is prettier.  And compared to the US “A Song for Summer” cover, the UK one is just plain bland.  On the whole though, I think these are all fantastic covers.

And speaking of covers, Urban Fantasy Land has the cover art for the next Patricia Briggs Mercy novel “Bone Crossed” (Jan 2009).  I can see it standing out on the shelves. 


12 thoughts on “Finally…

  1. The next cover for Patricia Briggs is dead gorgeous! I LOVE IT!!!! The best cover the artist did so far! Wow! I wish I could download it full size!

    I didn’t know Eva Ibbotson. Must note to read one of her books. I have a preference for the American covers but both versions look great except the UK one of The Morning Gift, the girl looks like she had a bad sleep.

  2. Ooooh! Bone Crossed looks awesome! I am loving this cover–definitely how I picture Mercy in my head.

    And I haven’t heard of the Eva Ibottson books either, but both the US and UK covers are beautiful.

  3. Ugh, I don’t like Amazon… but you know what, They have the Secret Countess at the bookstore!! I saw it, but put it back on the shelves… I didn’t realize that it was A Countess Below the Stairs (the one that Jennie reviewed and just realized that you did too!) Gotta go back to the bookstore now.

    Is a Song for Summer good?

    and I just checked the new cover for the Mercy book and wow… that’s definitively very very nice.

  4. Thea – I wonder how the Mercy graphic novel will turn out, I hope they get it similar!

    Nath – Go get it! Err… A Song for Summer is still sitting in my TBR pile, I’m sort of saving it for later. That sounds stupid, doesn’t it!

  5. I think I like the US versions better, though they’re all nice. I especially love the US Song for Summer cover — it’s just gorgeous. Too bad it was my least favorite of her books. It was still good, just a little sad for me. Though now that I think back the hero was lovely. 🙂

  6. I just blew through the Ibbotson books and loved them. I think A Song for Summer is my favorite. Although A Company of Swans was completely lovely. And I think I prefer the US covers. I think.

    New Bone Crossed cover=Made of Awesome.

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