Review – Elizabeth Vaughan’s “Dagger-Star”

Nath very bravely invited Katie(babs) and myself to do a three-way review of Elizabeth Vaughan‘s “Dagger-Star”.  What did we think?  The short version is that Katie(babs) loved it, Nath thought it was all right, and I err… didn’t really get it.  The (much) longer version is up at Breezing Through.

8 thoughts on “Review – Elizabeth Vaughan’s “Dagger-Star”

  1. Oh no! I have this one next in line to be read on the TBR–how disappointing that you weren’t feeling it at all! I too loved the ‘Warlands’ trilogy…hmph. Since I already bought the book I think I’ll give it a shot. But I’m extremely wary…

  2. I’m currently reading the last book of Chronicles of the Warlands.

    Personally, I read Warprize in one go, liked it pretty much – not the best Fantasy romance I’ve read, but very good nonetheless -, but felt the story dragged a bit too much with Warsworn. I don’t know, maybe I’m just not in the mood to read a story with an “I” POV. I’m always a bit annoyed with that stance because you can’t know exactly what the other characters are thinking which is EXACTLY the reason I read books in the first place. I’ve planned to finish it this week-end though, but I think I’ll probably take a week because I’m simply not in the mood.

    Still, seems based on the review it was a huge disappointment for you and a small one for Nath… Since I don’t have the book for now I won’t bother trying to find it, I share Thea‘s opinion, you both made me extremely wary.

    Now, I don’t know if it will help, but if you’re looking for non-conventional fantasy stories, I’ve heard great reviews about a brand new author out there : Brandon Sanderson

    He got his first standalone novel published in 2005 entitled Elantris and apparently his Mistborn Trilogy is non conventional : I haven’t read much about it, but from what I heard, the story is set up in a world in which the tradional hero the oracles predicted he was going to save the worl failed and now the world is led by evil. And we’re supposed to follow the story of a young girl who join a group who doesn’t believe a hero is going to save them and would rather fight for themselves. Heard it was action packed, humorous and with romance as well.
    The first book is entitled Mistborn : The Final Empire, the second The Well of Ascension and the last one The Hero of Ages.

    Though I haven’t read anything yet but I gotta say the covers were SO GORGEOUS, I completely gave in and bought the three books out in hardcover – God my parents are going to KILL me – I’ve planned to read another of his novel you can download on his website this week-end : Warbreaker>. I haven’t checked but apparently it’s a standalone, and he convinced his editors to let readers read the entire unfinished version before the book actually comes out. Every time he does changes he updates the book. Last version out is the 4.2

    He’s convinced if people like a book, they’ll want to buy it anyway, so he decided to make his personal advertisement by allowing people to read his novel for free to see his writing style. I personally think it’s a great idea because I’m exactly the kind of reader, who borrow books and buy them if I liked them.

    Oh my! It’s completely out of subject sorry.

  3. Thea – Don’t let me put you off! Katie(babs) liked it very much, and Nath thought it was a good effort 🙂

    Nath – Pleasure!

    La Plume – I thought Warprize was the best too. Yep, have read Brandon Sanderson’s work (and Warbreaker is on my ebook reader!). Elantris was good, and I really liked the first Mistborn book (sorry, can’t remember name now). Very interesting magical system. Am def getting the second when it’s out in paperback – I need to economise!

  4. Hello 😀

    Dagger Star wasn’t the best, but I’m still looking forward her next book.

    La Plume – I did think that Warsworn was the slowest one in the trilogy. Out of the three, it’s the only one I don’t re-read often.

    Any suggestion about fantasy books with romance in it?

  5. Nath : Hmm… I don’t really know, I was thinking maybe Carol Berg‘s Bridge of D’Arnath quartet?
    I haven’t read it, but apparently she was finalist for the RWA-FFP Prism Award in the Best Romantic Fantasy Category for the last book of the series. But since it was only for the last one, I don’t know about the other 3.

    I’ve planned to read Jennifer Fallon‘s Demon Child Trilogy. May be idiotic but since she’s a woman, though it didn’t feel there would be lots of romance in the story, I’m expecting a fair amount.

    Just my assumption though, but I guess you’ve already read C.L Wilson‘s Tairen Soul books? Just in case, if it’s just fantasy romance you’re looking for, as I’ve said to Bookdaze, these two were the best I’ve ever read so far. But it’s ONLY Fantasy Romance, though the second book and particularly the two last chapters are promising for a change of pace in the following books 😀

    Bookdaze: I yeah, I completely understand you “need to economize”. I don’t know what to do with myself anymore. When the cover is GORGEOUS, I MUST have the hardcover.See C.L Wilson? I’ll get only the paperback because they changed the covers for hardcover ver and I think that was pretty idiotic, the previous ones were better. Even Anne Bishop‘s Black Jewels‘s Trilogy, I didn’t buy the omnibus version because of the cover. Instead of spending 13€, I spent 28€ getting the three, one by one,-_-
    Ah curse my love for fantasy artists -_-

  6. La Plume – Carol Berg is a familiar name, but I don’t think I’ve read her books before… Same with Jennifer Fallon – will have to check them out.

    Nath – I’d suggest Jim Butcher’s Codex Alera fantasy series, actually. He’s more famous for his Dresden Files books (which is urban fantasy), but I much prefer the Codex Alera books. First one is “Furies of Calderon” – excerpts here:

    Also, can’t remember if you’ve read Sharon Shinn before, but her Twelve Houses series is romantic fantasy as well… (La Plume – these are v different to her Samaria books 😉 )

  7. Lol I liked the universe in Samaria, so though I didn’t like Rachel, I wasn’t put off with the series and plan to finish it at least during the summer if I can or before. Since there’s no cliffhanger, I’m not in a hurry. But I may try to read the Twelve Houses series this week, it’s way shorter than Samaria apparently ^^

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