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I’ve been rather quiet here lately, but that’s because I’ve been reading lots, so it’s all good!

I finished Lois McMaster Bujold‘s “Passages” almost in one go (note to self: do not start reading LMB’s books at 11pm at night).  I really liked this one.  I think part of the charm is that it is just so readable – it’s effortless reading. 

In a way, it’s different from the previous two because it’s not as romance-focused.  The first book in this series, “Beguilement”, was more about Fawn and Dag falling in love in the farmer world, while the second one, “Legacy”, focused on acceptance of their relationship by the Lakewalker community.  In “Passages”, it’s not that there’s less time spent with Dag and Fawn – it’s more that there’s less focus on their relationship as a couple.  They still take centre-stage, but I think that there’s more time spent with their relationships with everyone else in the story.  Also, it’s a more light-hearted humorous story compared with “Legacy” – there were a couple of scenes that made me laugh out loud!  All in all, an excellent read – a very very strong B+ for me, it definitely lived up to my expectations.

Speaking of books I’ve enjoyed lately, another one I really liked was Eva Ibbotson‘s “A Company of Swans”.  When I started the book, I wasn’t sold on the Amazonian setting – not quite sure why, I suppose it’s just not as appealing to me as, say, her Eastern European stories.  But as I read on, I just was completely drawn into the story.  If you look at the plot objectively, it is a standard romance one – girl runs away from home, meets rich man, falls in love, has misunderstanding, resolves misunderstanding and gets back together.  But Ms Ibbotson has a very special gift – she makes what could be a very ordinary story in the hands of another author a completely magical story.  You fall in love with the characters and root for them to get back together.  You smile, laugh, and sniffle your way through the book.  An A for me.


6 thoughts on “Recent Reads

  1. Wow, you waste no time! 😀 My bookstore still doesn’t have a copy of Passage in stock, but I am checking back today. I am excited, especially given that this one explores a bit more than just the focus on Fawn and Dag’s relationship (as much as I love it).

    And starting this book at 11pm? Psh, you should know better! 😀 (I have been losing some vital sleep time because of Mr. Naismith and his Dendarii Mercenaries)

  2. Thea – I got the ebook version, so downloaded it as soon as it was released on Tuesday! Have I mentioned how much I love ebooks? 😉

    I’m so glad you’re loving Miles – it’s actually been a while since I’ve read the Dendarii books, so may do a re-read soon…

  3. I’ve got Beguilement on my TBR pile. I love the Miles books. But somehow haven’t got round to reading the Sharing Knife books. And I absolutely must get the rest of the Chalion books as well.

  4. Yay, yay! Ibbotson is magical–her books are so sweet and simple, yet sophisticated and smart too. I end up loving every one of her characters.

    I had Passages in my hand at the bookstore this weekend. But I just couldn’t pay the full $27 (ouch!). I’m going to order it from Amazon because they’re discounting. I’m glad to hear it was a little more lighthearted than Legacy–actually it makes me much more anxious to read it soon. 😉

  5. LesleyW – For some really weird reason, I don’t think of the Chalion books as Bujold books. They were actually the first books of hers that I read – I liked them, but not the way I love the Miles books!

    Jennie – Ouch. I got mine for around $17 with a full rebate at Fictionwise. I hate paying full-price for hardcovers as well.

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