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Okay, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to post covers properly for this post.  I’m not liking the WordPress upgrade much. (ETA: No, I still can’t insert pictures directly – this is driving me mad!)

Anyway, May books I’m looking forward to:

Charlaine Harris‘ “From Dead to Worse” (urban fantasy) – I’ve been a big fan of the Sookie Stackhouse series since Day 1, so definitely am getting the 8th book in the series.  But OMG.  Look at the UK cover (left).  Is that Sookie to you?  Yes, she’s blonde and if I think about it, I can’t pick out anything that contradicts the books.  But I guess I’m just not used to actually seeing Sookie as a “real” person – err… that would be as opposed to the cartoon-like characters on the US covers. 

Excerpt here (out May 6).


Julia Quinn‘s “The Lost Duke of Wyndham” (historical romance) – A brand-new Julia Quinn!  And I mean properly new (that is, not a rewritten older book).  The sequel to this is out in September, btw, and apparently is the story of the existing Duke of Wyndham.  The one who could be replaced by the hero of this book.  I’m looking forward to seeing how she handles this story.  The cover’s interesting – it’s mimicking the look of a TV/movie book adaptation.

Excerpt here (out May 27).


Stephenie Meyer‘s “The Host” (SF) – Ms Meyer’s first grown-up book.  I’m thinking lots of teen readers who loved “Twilight” will be picking this one up.  I really have no idea how this one will be received.  Heh – just went over to her website, and the tagline is “science fiction for people who don’t like science fiction”.  I like SF, but SF thrillers aren’t quite my thing.  I’m planning on getting this as I loved Ms Meyer’s writing and “Twilight” (though by the third book, Bella was really starting to grate on me).  I haven’t been looking for reviews on this, but I’m surprised I haven’t happened across any by accident yet.  I’ve seen quite a few ARCs of these on auction sites.

Excerpt here (out May 6).


Laurell K Hamilton‘s “Blood Noir” (urban fantasy) – I’m such a sucker for Anita Blake books – this is the 16th, I think?  The last one (“The Harlequin”) started out promisingly but sort of fizzled out halfway.  I’m hoping this one is better.  The UK cover is more consistent with previous books in the series (for some reason, the model reminds me of Angelina Jolie in the Tomb Raider movies – err that would be Lara Croft then).  The US cover, as has been mentioned elsewhere, is a radical departure from previous covers. 

Excerpt here (out May 27)


Tanya Huff‘s “Blood Bank” (urban fantasy) – This is a collection of the Vicky Nelson/Henry Fitzroy short stories, previously published in an omnibus version together with “Blood Debt”.  Vicky’s a PI and Henry’s a vampire – I know you’re thinking standard urban fantasy, but the first of these books was published back in 1991, so way before the current UF trend.  I suspect I’ve probably read some of these short stories already, but still…

No excerpts (out May 6).


That is pretty much it for this month.  I’m most excited about the Charlaine Harris book.  I’ll also probably get the Jes Battis book I mentioned in my post below.  Amanda Quick also has a new book out (“The Third Circle”), but it’s hardcover and I still haven’t gotten hold of her last release “The River Knows”.


13 thoughts on “Books for May

  1. I’m really excited to see how Stephanie Meyer does adult fiction–The Host sounds interesting, and I hope it’s a gooder! I really enjoy her writing style, especially her characterizations from the Twilight books (I loved Eclise *ducks*).

    Oh and the new Vicki Pettersson comes out this month as well…still debating whether or not to get it.

  2. I talk about the Blood Noir cover in my post, I completely forgot to put it on reserve at the library earlier and now I’m #128 on the list…BOO. But I refuse to buy them in hardback anymore!

  3. Thea – LOL. Twilight was by far the best book for me.

    Mollie – Nooo… you’ll be waiting weeks (months?) for this then. Yep, your blog was where I first saw the new cover. Arrrggh, just realised I’m using the audiobook cover in my post, but refuse to upload another picture!

  4. According to Amazon UK, the UK version of from Dead to Worse isn’t out until June. And seeing the cover I think I’m going to get the US version.

    Didn’t realize Host was out this month, haven’t heard that much buzz about it.

  5. I got to read the Charlaine Harris book and I thought it was a really good one. And not to annoy the hell out of you, but there’s this really great surprise/twist at the very end of it. You’ll see what I mean. 🙂

    As for what Sookie looks like, I’ve been picturing her lately as Anna Paquin, who is supposed to play her in the HBO adaptation (last I heard, anyway). I kind of forgot she’s supposed to be blond.

    I can’t decide about whether or not to get the Quinn–I bought her last one and then never read it.

  6. Lesley – You’re right, the UK version is a month later – I hate it when they do that!

    Jennie – Ack. Jealous. I was out shopping this morning and hoped that a few stores had put it out early, but no such luck. Sigh.

    Ana – That is a surprise. Guess they just didn’t stick to the on-sale date. Did you get it?

  7. Thanks for that link, I’ve entered now! 🙂 Ana, you had your hands on The Host and didn’t tell me?! We’ll talk about this when we get home. Hee.

    Oh and on the Sookie cover–I much prefer the cute US ones. Not that the UK one is bad…just…I don’t know, whenever they use full on models for these books, it sort of takes away from how you imagine them to be.

    Oh and there is actually a short trailer out with Anna Paquin as the really blonde Sookie here:

    (you see it at 1:47)…she’s so very…blonde. *gulps*

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