What I’ve Been Doing


  • Ilona Andrews‘ “Magic Burns” (urban fantasy) – Everyone’s been saying this is better than the first book and I agree.  B
  • Mary Stewart‘s “Thornyhold” and “Rose Cottage” (romance) – I preferred “Rose Cottage” to “Thornyhold”, but both were good.  I really liked the sweet subtle romance of these books, also the post-war settings, and am definitely going to get more of her books.  B and B+ respectively (and thanks Jennie for the rec!)
  • Linda Lael Miller‘s “Shotgun Bride” (Western historical romance) – I don’t read a lot of westerns, but sometimes I just feel like one, and I usually pick up a Linda Lael Miller.  This was the second in a trilogy, I’m guessing (there are three brothers, and the first has been married off), and was a good read – just what I wanted!  B
  • Robyn Carr‘s “Virgin River” (contemporary romance) – I’ve seen a lot of good reviews on this one, but it didn’t really work for me.  I liked the frontier feeling of this book, but the relationship didn’t hold my interest and I struggled to finish the book.  Then again, I’m not a huge contemp fan.  C+


Re-reading old favourites:

  • Lois McMaster Bujold‘s “Brothers in Arms” – Inspired by Thea’s review of “The Warrior’s Apprentice”. 
  • Georgette Heyer‘s “False Colours” – Inspired by Jennie’s review.


And buying:

  • Tanya Huff‘s “Blood Bank” – The collection of Vicki Nelson short stories that I mentioned here
  • Karen Rose‘s “Nothing to Fear” and “Die for Me” – I’ve never read her before, but I stumbled across this twinpack when doing my grocery shopping.  It’s a lot more exciting than detergent.

10 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Doing

  1. Ahhhhh – someone else who didn’t really enjoy the Robyn Carr books. I read all three and while the first couple were all right I suppose – I didn’t care for the third one at all. But I felt alone ’cause just about everyone else seems to love them.

  2. LOL, it’s funny. The Robyn Carr, you either love it or not. I loved it 😛 too bad you didn’t 😦

    You’ve been reading quite a lot 😀 that’s good… and lol, yeah, books is definitively more exciting than detergent, LOL 🙂 If you get the chance, get Count to Ten 😛 That’s my favorite Karen Rose 😛

  3. Kristie(J) – Yes, lots of people are loving these books! But like I said, I sort of lost interest halfway through.

    Nath – I really wanted to like the Robyn Carr! Oh well – different strokes and all that. It’s funny because I don’t feel as though I’ve been reading lots, but when I look at my list of reads, I have read quite a bit over the past couple of weeks!

  4. I’m glad you enjoyed the Mary Stewart books! I haven’t read Rose Cottage in years and years, so I’m thinking I need to reread. 🙂 Get some of her older books next–pub’d in the 50s and 60s–they have quite a different feel to them.

    Btw, I’ve given Shinn’s Samaria series another shot on your rec (I read Archangel a while ago and liked it, but was put off by the annoying heroine). But I LOVED Jovah’s Angel. And the world of Samaria just keeps getting more and more interesting. I’ve moved right on to the Alleluia Files. 😉 Yay!

  5. Jennie : Glad I wasn’t the only one annoyed with Rachel in Archangel.

    Bookdaze: -_- I had planned to read the Kate Daniels series because I thought it was plain Fantasy and now that you’ve said It’s Urban Fantasy I’m not too sure I want to read it… especially now that I’ve checked on her website and the book is written at the first person, which is something I really don’t like.

    Why is it that every Urban Fantasy books I’ve tried are written with “I”? It’s really annoying.
    By the way the last one was Eclipse and I got to say, I really tried my best but I didn’t finish it. I was dead exasperated. My lil bro tells me it’s ridiculous, to frown and get angry over a book, but who wouldn’t having to put up with Bella’s whining heh? I still think I’ll give it another try in the summer, but I won’t force myself. I loved the first two so much I tried to get the Hardcovers! Fortunately, I got my money back, they didn’t have the collection item any more. Lucky me!

    On the other side, you remember the little talk we had about Brandon Sanderson’s books? I finished Elantris last week and I really loved it, though there were major flaws, as a first published novel, it was awesome. Two of my biggest complains are these: Apart from Hrathren, the two other characters don’t evolve at all during the whole book which is a bit of a pity [though I guess looking at them It would have been difficult to make them better than they already were].
    The biggest problem I guess was the pace. I got the hardcover and we’ve got nearly 300 pages for the first part at a really really slow pace and then everything accelerates and the last part, a mere 55 pages or so, are so action packed you feel rushed. I don’t know if I express myself properly -_-

    On the other side, you can buy Mistborn: The Final Empire with eyes closed. I’ve read 3/4 and I can definitely tells you that It’s really worth it, the pace problem is no present here. He’s removed this annoying pattern of “one chapter – one character” though it takes that course at a moment. We’ve got apparently two main characters, but the stress is really put on the female one : Vin.
    There’s a bit more romance, humor and adventure and like in his previous novel he’s created a dazzling world with a really interesting magic system. We’ve got a bit of political intrigue but far less than in Elantris or maybe it’s because it’s more subtly introduced it’s not bothersome. Last but not least, the characters are all lovable but Sanderson plays with readers’ emotion. One time you feel they’re good persons, another you feel they ‘re too biased and they’re gonna become as cruel as their mortal enemy.

    Yeah well, you can see I’m literally in awe with this little gem. Brandon Sanderson has just moved to my auto-buy list.

    I intend to read Grimspace after <The Well of ascension. Will be a good change of pace.

  6. Ugh, Rachel in Archangel was bad!!!! I bought like 4 books in the series and then, after reading Archangel, I just didn’t feel like continuing! Does the series get better? Because I’m thinking of giving that series away…

  7. Nath :Lol I felt the same reading it. But apparently each book is a standalone ^^

    I did like the universe though, so I’ll give a try to the rest of the series, but I have to admit I felt the same. Been more than two months I finished Archangel but I haven’t got the courage to read yet -_-

  8. Jennie – LOL I was going to say you weren’t the only one to dislike Rachel in Archangel, but Nath and La Plume have obviously beaten me to it. I do want to hear what you think of Alleluia Files – IIRC, this is the one where she introduces a very interesting twist to the story that has you looking back at previous books…

    I’ve just ordered about four Mary Stewart books, btw 😉

    Nath – Keep reading 🙂 You know, I really don’t remember feeling strongly about Rachel one way or other, but obviously she has irritated quite a few peeps! Each book has a different hero/heroine, and are set quite a few decades apart (I think), so there is no overlap.

    La Plume – Re Elantris, yep, I felt as though there was some story left untold, but I did like the fact that it was a single-book fantasy. That’s rare in these days! Thanks for the info on the 2nd Mistborn book, am def getting it in paperback when it comes out.

  9. I guess that part of the reason I dislike Rachel so much is that I expect some kind of romance… and well, Rachel’s behavior wasn’t prone to romance. Ugh. I’ll try to read the next book soon… or perhaps one day, LOL 😛

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