Way Back When…

This is going back quite a few years, but does anyone out there remember LJ Smith

She wrote urban fantasy aimed at the teenage crowd, and this was before urban fantasy became the next big thing.  Before it was even called urban fantasy.  I’m talking 1990s here.  I was completely in love with her trilogies, “The Secret Circle” and “Dark Visions”.  When one of my friends borrowed and lost my third Dark Visions book, I think I gave her the cold shoulder for a week.

Then LJ Smith started writing this new series called “Night World”.  Oh, she was so ahead of her time – I mean, read the blurb below (and remember that the first book was written in 1996):

The Night World isn’t a place.  It’s the world of vampires, witches, and shapeshifters who live in the human world—by their own rules.  And the first two rules of the Night World are simple: 1) Never tell any human about its existence, and 2) Never fall in love with a human.

Anyway, I devoured every book in her Night World series, which was meant to conclude with the tenth book, “Strange Fate”.  Which somehow never ever was released.  This was the days before the internet so I’d no idea how to find out what was happening. 

Out of curiosity, I googled her name the other day – and guess what??? Lisa Jane Smith is back writing and “Strange Fate” is scheduled for a 2009 release.  And she has free stories on her website. 

Simon & Schuster is re-releasing her backlist and I’m not surprised.  Her books fit in perfectly with the teenage audience that Stephenie Meyer has tapped, and I may be mistaken, but I seem to remember they were darned good books. 

I’m definitely going to get all of them – I’ve no idea where my original books (less one) are, probably packed up in a box somewhere in my parents’ house.  Is it wrong to get so excited about an author you loved during your teenage years?  😀


6 thoughts on “Way Back When…

  1. Oh I didn’t know this author but you made me curious ^^

    ==> adding the author to the “to read” list

    And I don’t think it’s wrong to get excited about an author you loved during your teenage years, the problem is it’s likely the story may not work for you now [glancing at Eclipse]

  2. La Plume – LOL. I loved “Twilight” though – I think she just ran out of steam with “Eclipse”.

    Nath – She was one of my favourite authors when I was at school. I will definitely post if it is as good as I remember when I get them! The books are relatively short as they were teen books (err before Harry Potter came into the picture), so it looks as though they are releasing omnibus three-in-one versions.

    Mollie – Oh cool, a fellow LJ Smith fan! I’m so looking forward to re-reading all of them.

  3. Lauren – I just checked her website again, and she’s offering the first Night World book as a free download AND there is a new Vampire Diaries book coming out next year. I’m very much looking forward to them too!

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