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I’ve been madly busy this week, am so glad it’s the weekend!

A couple of (old-ish) updates…

Sharon Shinn has a May update on her News page.  Interesting bits: 

  • She has a new YA book called “Gateway” coming out in fall 2009.
  • She has a short story in a new fantasy/mystery anthology “Powers of Detection II” coming out sometime this year.  I remember reading the previous one (Anne Bishop and Charlaine Harris were also contributors, IIRC), and liking it).
  • The anthology she mentioned previously (with stories set in her various worlds) is tentatively titled “Quatrain” (v cool title, IMO) and is scheduled for fall 2009 as well.

Marg & co are running a Georgette Heyer season over at Historical Tapestry – lots of reviews on Heyer’s books (and cover pics), guest posts, and book giveaways.

And Eloisa James has a couple of excerpts from her upcoming book “Duchess by Night” on her website.


4 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. I read on Shinn’s website that she works full-time, which is amazing considering how prolific she is. I can’t wait for the next Twelve Houses book. And Quatrain does sound very cool.

    Have you been to Bujold’s myspace blog this week? She posted the cover for Horizon. A drawing by the same woman who did the others. Much more action-y (Fawn and Dag are on horses), but I like.

    She also has a link to a podcast of her doing a Q&A at a book signing:

    It’s an hour long, but she does read an excerpt from Horizon in the last ten minutes or so. It’s really good. 🙂

  2. Jennie – Arrghhh. Do you have to be a MySpace member to see the pic? I can’t get to it. I’ll wait until she puts it up on her website (and hope I can find it – that website has to be one of the most confusing to navigate ever!).

    Marg – You’re welcome! I love Heyer, and am enjoying your posts. I know I owe you a post, will try to send it over tomorrow…

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