A Convert

Jennie‘s been raving about Mary Stewart forever, and when she set up a fansite dedicated to her novels, I decided it was time to find out just what I’ve been missing.

I started with “Thornyhold” and “Rose Cottage”, and thought “Good books, definitely worth getting more”.  Then I read “Madam, Will You Talk?”, “Airs Above the Ground”, and “The Moon-Spinners”… all very good, falling within my B and B+ ranges.

And then last night I read “Nine Coaches Waiting”.  WOW.  Part of it was due to the book just matching my reading mood perfectly.  I was in the right mood for tempestous relationships, a dark brooding hero, a dangerous flight in the middle of the night…

Even better, I went into the book having just glanced at the cover blurb, with no idea what the plot was, and somehow I think this suited the set-up perfectly.  I was experiencing events with the heroine as they unfolded and this just felt right, especially with the first-person narration.

And it was beautifully written.  I was so completely caught up in the plot, the characters, the setting, the romance, the suspense – and the ending was just perfect.

I may get around to writing a review a little later, but right now, I’m going to the Book Depository to place another order.

I need more Mary Stewart.

5 thoughts on “A Convert

  1. YAAAAYYYY! Woo hoo! Hee hee–I knew you’d like Stewart. 😉 Nine Coaches Waiting is one of her best and most popular books. I love it. Twin and I call squirrels skerverells all the time now. :p

    Have you made your order yet? You have to get This Rough Magic! It’s my absolute favorite.

  2. I’m so glad you are coming to us here at The Book Depository to get your Mary Stewarts! 😀

    If you want, I’ll happily post your review of the next one you read up on The Book Depository site … just let me know if you want to …

  3. LOL, I borrow “Madam, Will you Talk?” from the library, but still haven’t read it… now I’m curious about “Nine Coaches Waiting.” 🙂

  4. Jennie – I *loved* NCW. Mary Stewart may be my first “proper” glom of 2008. Yes, “This Rough Magic” is in my order, I take it that it’s a good one to start with? 😉

    Mark – I admit I’ve been an Amazon addict in the past, but I’m loving the fact that The Book Depository has free delivery w/o any minimum plus your prices are lower and/or comparable to Amazon on most books. And you have books Amazon don’t have. A big thumbs-up from me 🙂

    Nath – I liked MWYT well enough, but I just loved NCW. MWYT is def still worth reading, though!

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