I’m Still Here

Just completely distracted by Wimbledon.  Bear with me for a couple of weeks…

It is, however, release day, which means that I get my hands on:

  • Eloisa James‘ “Duchess by Night” – For some reason, I thought it was a July release!
  • Diana Peterfreund‘s “Rites of Spring (Break)” – Am probably going to start this tonight, despite the fact I’ve to get up at half-six tomorrow…
  • Lynn Flewelling‘s “Shadows Return” – Finally.

A v good book day.



11 thoughts on “I’m Still Here

  1. Hi Li 😀

    Do you have any favorites for Wimbledon? Ever since Justine Henin retired, I lost interest… are you watching it on TV?

    It’s a nice book day today… lots of releases. If only the bookstore could keep up though 😦

  2. Nath – I’m a Federer fan 🙂 Am hoping he retains the title, though it just may be Nadal’s year. I’ve also a soft spot for Roddick, but I don’t really think he has a chance. Women’s – I’d like Ana Ivanovic to win, but I think it will probably go to one of the Williams sisters or Sharapova! Can’t believe Henin retired, btw.

    I went to Wimbledon on Monday, which was great. Really good weather and wonderful atmosphere. I tend to follow the BBC Sport website updates from work (v bad, I know) and then there’s either live matches or the daily round-up if I get back early enough!

  3. You are sooo lucky!!! Such a major tennis tournament you can attend! I was going to go this year to Rogers Cup if Henin came, but she retired… NOOOOO 🙂 ah well, I can understand though… kind of 😛

    Ah well, Sharapova is OUT!!! YAY!!! LOL 🙂 isn’t it great? I just can’t like her… Serena Williams play against Mauresmo tomorrow… you never know. I think that Venus has more chances than Serena however. I’m without favorites, but seriously, I’d like jankovic to win or someone else… there’s just something about Ana. Yes, she’s weet… I think too sweet ^_^;

    Oh Blake is out… Seriously, this year’s Wimbledon is really good 😀

  4. Roddick’s out as well! Can’t believe it. Yeah, agree about Ana – not quite sure if she has that killer instinct. She was incredibly lucky yesterday.

    I love Wimbledon 🙂

  5. I left just before Roddick lost. have to say, not a big fan of Roddick… LOL 🙂 man, this Wimbledon is quite a surprise 😀 next thing you’re going to know, Hewitt is going to beat Federer LOL 🙂

  6. and LOL, the drama continues!!! Wow, unbelievable… I was hoping, but didn’t think that Ivanovic would be out 😀 It does give more chances to the Williams sisters 😦 but Jankovic as well!!

    and LOL, Hewitt has been playing well… can’t wait to see the match! 😀 I mean, seriously, at this point? everything can happen.

  7. Ugh, do you know what I hate the most about Wimbledon? Middle Sunday!! Why isn’t there no play?!?

    hey, are you rooting for Murray? Nadal is through, but he had some difficulty against Youzhny… so I’m hopeful. There’s a lot of interesting matches coming up for next week… what do you think the chances that we get an all Williams sisters final? That would suck 😦

    by the way, I was wondering, do you go to Wimbledon or to the Henman hills?

  8. Gosh did you watch Nadal’s match yesterday? Be still my heart that was awesome!

    So you got Duchess by Night, do you recommend this series then?

  9. Nath – Don’t you mean Murray Mount 😉 It’s actually inside Wimbledon, so if you have a ground pass, most people tend to spend at least some time sitting there and watching the big-screen TV, especially if a big match is being shown.

    I think the chances of an all-Williams final are looking rather high – if both of them go all out, that would be a fantastic match, but IIRC, they tend to be rather subdued when playing each other.

    Ana – Yes, I did! I’m hoping for a Murray-Nadal semi (I think that would be when they meet up?), that would be amazing. I actually had tickets to the semis at Queen’s so saw Nadal “in person” a couple of weeks back… *swoon*. He’s such a… physical player.

    On the non-tennis related question 🙂 , I’m a total EJ fangirl. So yes, def rec the Desperate Duchesses series, esp if you like Georgian-set series. I wasn’t completely blown away by the first book, but loved the second. Being an EJ series, a lot of the first book was spent setting up the overall series arc and introducing the various characters, but it was still a good read. I haven’t yet read DbN, but definitely getting to it soon.

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