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51l53MP1AXL__SL160_ There’s a Jacqueline Carey interview up at Fantasy Book Critic (together with a review of her latest “Kushiel’s Mercy”.  I really liked the book, btw, thought it was a good conclusion to the Imriel trilogy, and as always, Ms Carey writes beautifully.

And there’s also an interview with Stephenie Meyer on the Times website.  This is from May, so before “The Host” was published.  Speaking of which, “The Host” is still sitting in my TBR pile.  Reviews have been unanimously positive, but I’m just not in the mood for an SF romance right now (which is what I’m assuming it is!).

PS: I’m writing the post using the rather cool Windows Live Writer, which is an application you install on your PC.  Still early days, but I’m liking this very much because it looks as though you’ll get all the functionality that you would when blogging online, but it’s faster to save, insert pictures, preview posts, etc.  I’ve been struggling with WordPress’s image editing lately and this may be the perfect solution.

2 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’m amazed at how much the publisher has really pushed “The Host” in the UK, esp since the Twilight series was sort of flying under the radar here.

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