On an Unexpected Roll

I don’t normally win free books (okay, I don’t normally enter giveaways either, which probably accounts for it) but recently, I’ve won two:

  • Keishon from avidbookreader.com loves Julia Spencer-Fleming‘s crime/mystery series featuring Rev Claire Fergusson and police chief Russ Van Alystyne.  I won a copy of the latest book “I Shall Not Want”, which has been getting pretty good reviews around the blogosphere – am looking forward to reading it!
  • Marg, Ana T and Kailana from Historical Tapestry held a Georgette Heyer season recently, with some associated contests.  I contributed a guest post and won a Heyer of my choice.  I asked for “Powder and Patch” as my own copy is falling to pieces as a result of being read so often (and poor binding, let me hasten to add – I treat my books well!). 

So thank you very much to both sites for hosting the giveaways!


5 thoughts on “On an Unexpected Roll

  1. It is nice, esp when you’re not expecting it 😉

    The final – WOW. I was glued to the TV for what felt like practically the entire day (only came home at about four). I thought Federer was going to lose it in three, I’ve no idea how he managed to win the tiebreak in the third and fourth. I’m gutted for him, tbh, but Nadal was just amazing in the fifth and I didn’t know how anyone could have beat him. I think we just watched a classic 🙂

  2. I know, I was sure Federer was going to lose in 3… LOL 🙂 The fourth set tiebreak, that was wow. LOL 🙂 thought that was the end… Federer really did play well, Nadal was just the better player.

    I do hope though we get someone else as the Olympic and US champion though…

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