(Mini) Book Haul!

For some reason, it feels like ages since I actually went out and bought books.  Even though I seriously doubt that.  Anyway, I hit some of my favourite bookstores today and got:

Kelley Armstrong‘s “The Summoning” (YA urban fantasy): Yes!  Finally.  It wasn’t easy to find – it was hidden away in the “Teenage Fiction” section in Borders, and not even facing out.  But I’m good at finding books I really really want.  Even better, it’s in mass market paperback here in the UK.  Which is good because I splashed out on…

Naomi Novik‘s “Victory of Eagles” (historical fantasy):  I caved and bought the US hardback version.  Is it just me, or does it look relatively slim?  And my copy has really jagged page edges.  Not that I’m complaining (much).  I can’t decide whether to read this or “The Summoning” first – if only all dilemmas were like this.


I also picked up a couple of other paperbacks I’ve been meaning to for ages:

Sherwood Smith‘s “The Fox” (fantasy) – This is the second in her Inda trilogy.  I have the first in hardcover, but decided to be sensible and wait for the second to be released in paperback before buying.

Tanya Huff‘s “The Heart of Valor” (military SF) – I’ve ummed and ahhhed over this for ages, but I do want to read it. 


Oh, and I saw Diana Wynne Jones‘ “The House of Many Ways” as well, which I did want, but couldn’t convince myself to pay £10.99 (£2 off in Borders and Blackwells if anyone’s interested) for it.  And yay, I’ve just checked and the reward for my restraint seeing it with 50% off at Amazon.  Excellent.


10 thoughts on “(Mini) Book Haul!

  1. so, so? what did you choose to read? I hope it’s the Summoning 😀 it’s trade-size here in Canada… either way, whether you read The Summoning or Victory of Eagles, let me know what you think of it!!

    and LOL, sometimes, it’s really good to wait to buy books 😀

  2. Nice catch 😉 Wow I’m jealous–I just bought ‘The Summoning’ here in the US, but had to cough up the dough for the HC. Not that I’m complaining since the cover is beautiful, but had I been presented with the choice between the pretty HC and a more economical MMP, I would have gone the MMP route.

  3. I am on the long list of readers who want to read Summoning and Victory of Eagles. *sigh* I am not much a fan of buying books unless I really, REALLY like them.
    Since I was very curious about Sookie Stackhouse series after reading your comments, I am in the process of reading the books. So far, I like it. I’m a fan of Anita Blake series, so that was sooo predictable. LOL
    Anyway, I would recommend books by Tamora Pierce if you don’t mind them being YA/Children. I especially liked her Wild Magic quartet.
    Let me know what you think of her writings!

  4. Nath – I went for “Victory of Eagles”! And I really really liked it. The first few pages I was struggling a bit with her language and sentence structure, but then after that, I couldn’t put it down. Better than the previous one, IMO.

    Thea – Yep, totally agree! I was a bit meh about the UK cover, but when I realised it was a mmp, I stopped complaining 😀

    Alisa – I’m a big fan of Tamora Pierce too! I like her Alanna quartet best, but also like the Keladry and Daine books. I read a lot of YA, so that’s not an issue at all.

  5. I had difficulty getting in her style as well. It’s a very emotional book in my opinion… I just can’t decide whether Laurence really regrets his previous actions and whether he blames Temeraire or not. I’m glad that Temeraire finally learns the repercussion of his actions on Laurence. Sigh, so sad… but I’m excited!! Can’t wait to see where the story in book 6 takes us.

    By the way, did they win or not? ^_^;

  6. Nath – Of course they won 😉 Temeraire’s really starting to grow up in this one.

    I thought it was a very clever reworking of history – errr… not that I know very much about that period! In a way, I wish this had come out closer to “Empire of Ivory”, because that to me felt like an unfinished story, while this one had a proper ending… while leaving the door open to new adventures.

  7. Would love to hear what you think of Diana Wynne Jones’ book and Noami Novik’s latest. I’m just getting started in her Temeraire series.

  8. Ag – I really liked “Victory of Eagles”. The fourth book, “Empire of Ivory”, ended with a bit of a cliffhanger, so you’re lucky that you can read VoE straightaway! For me, the weakest of the series is probably “Throne of Jade” (the 3rd one), but all are worth reading.

    As for “The House of Many Ways”, I bought it because it’s a sort of sequel to “Howl’s Moving Castle”, which I loved. If you like Diana Wynne Jones’ books, you would probably like THoMW, but it is not as good as HWC, IMO. It’s a fun read, but I would say it’s one to borrow from the library, rather than buy.

  9. I finally read Inda, The Fox, and King’s Shield. All of them. And I LOVE THEM!!! I really liked Ms. Smith’s world and characters, especially Inda. I wonder if she is coming out with the fourth book. Also, I’m ready to read “Undead and Unworthy” by MaryJanice Davidson. I really enjoyed her last book and am looking forward to this one. It’s suppose to be the first book of the trilogy in the series. Interesting… Hmm… Oh, I read “Death Angel” too. It was an ok book, but I realized that I like my books in Fantasy category more than others. A question. Does anyone know if Ms. Novik is writing the fifth book to the Temeraire series?

  10. Alisa – Yay! Another Sherwood Smith fan 🙂 I suspect we’ll have to wait another year for the fourth book.

    I’m pretty sure there will be another Temeraire book – I mean, there *has* to be. LOL. I didn’t even question whether there would be, I just assumed that there was!

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