Okay, This is Scary

So who else yelped when they opened their email and saw this photo?

I really hope that’s not meant to be Acheron.



8 thoughts on “Okay, This is Scary

  1. I take back what I said… after watching the trailer, it seems like yeah, it is Acheron… but when he was really messed up I guess. I have to say, I’m not fond of trailers, because they really ruin my imagery in my mind.

  2. I know… I got all the promotional stuff as well. But you know at this point, I don’t really care. I’m over the series, I’m just reading this one, because it’s Ash.

  3. LOL – I can count the number of reads I’ve blogged about in the previous month on one hand. Sigh. I need to get back into the reviewing habit. I was hoping TBR Day would have kickstarted it, but no such luck!

    I will probably do a reading wrap-up at the end of the month, and include The Summoning in there. I think.

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