New Books for the Week

I dropped by my usual bookstores today looking for Patricia Briggs’ “Cry Wolf” – no luck, unfortunately, as it’s listed as an August title. 

But I came away with a couple of books from the Sale table by authors I’ve heard of but never read:

  • Claudia Dain’s “The Courtesan’s Secret” (historical romance) – This is the second book (I think, am not sure if this is a series?).
  • Kresley Cole’s “A Hunger Like No Other” (paranormal romance) – I’ve been reading raves about her books, so I figured it was worth getting.  I *think* this is the first one, so I lucked out there.

And I also picked up “The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance”, which is an anthology with quite a number of contributors who will be familiar to most readers of urban fantasy.

So it was quite a productive trip, despite the lack of “Cry Wolf”. 

Ooooh, and the copy of Julia Spencer-Fleming’s “I Shall Not Want” that I won from Keishon’s giveaway arrived today as well.


4 thoughts on “New Books for the Week

  1. I hope you’ll find Cry Wolf very soon 🙂 I was lucky, I was able to find a copy of it on Thursday. Then, yesterday, I got the Grace Valley trilogy, Cutting Loose by Susan Andersen, Sweet Talk by Susan Mallery and The Sharing Knife volume 1 by Lois McMaster Bujold (hardcover for only 5.99$)!

    I hope you enjoy the Kresley Cole…

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