Books for August

First off, I finally got my hands on Patricia Briggs’ “Cry Wolf”, so that’s my weekend reading sorted  🙂

For some reason, there doesn’t seem to be that many August releases that I’m excited about. 

The ones that I’m looking forward to:

41TGpsujA5L__SL160_ Jenna Black’s “The Devil You Know” (urban fantasy): I really liked the first Morgan Kingsley book (“The Devil Inside”), and I’m been impatiently waiting for the second to come out.  In Ms Black’s world, humans can act as willing or unwilling hosts for demons, and if it’s the latter, Morgan exorcises them. 

Excerpt here (out now – yes, I should really have included this in my July releases post).



51m7ywGSRaL__SL160_ Ann Aguirre’s “Wanderlust” (SF romance): Another second book.  And I also liked the first book (“Grimspace”) enough to blog about.  I spot a pattern.  Anyway, looking forward to reading more about Jax.  And March.

Excerpt here (out August 26).




51DCrO5r3SL__SL160_ Jayne Castle’s “Dark Light” (futuristic romance): Ms Castle a.k.a Krentz’s futuristic romances are my secret vice, dust-bunnies and all.  This is the fifth book in her Ghost Hunters series and I suspect it will be a completely predictable read if you’ve read any other of her books.  But it wouldn’t be a JAK otherwise.

No excerpt that I can find, but back-cover blurb here (out August 26).


And then there are the ones that are maybes for me:

Stephenie Meyer’s “Breaking Dawn” (YA fantasy): After “Eclipse”, I’m holding off and waiting for the reviews before deciding whether to get the hardcover.

Rachel Caine’s “Gale Force” (urban fantasy):  Seventh book in her Weather Warden series.  I’m hesitant about this one because I’m pretty sure it kicks off another three-book plot arc.  Maybe I’ll just wait until the ninth book comes out and I can read all three in one go, because I really really hate the cliffhanger endings in this series!

John Scalzi’s “The Last Colony” (SF):  Third book set in his “Old Man’s War” universe.  I’ve liked the first two and have been waiting for the paperback release of this one… an ebook release would be even better.  What are the chances, I wonder?


So that’s three definite buys for August – surely there must be more!  What must-buys have I missed off?


5 thoughts on “Books for August

  1. I know – am trying to think back to last year, I’m sure summer was a good time for releases! On the other hand, there are still some July releases I haven’t yet bought, Linda Howard’s “Death Angel” being the main one.

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