Just to Say…

I was reading “Cry Wolf” yesterday, and this thought randomly popped into my mind:

If I could only ever read one author’s books for the rest of my life, I’d probably choose Patricia Briggs.

And the first chapter of “Bone Crossed” in the back?  I want it NOW.


10 thoughts on “Just to Say…

  1. Nath – Wasn’t the first chapter cool? It’s made me all excited for BC now.

    Rosario – Heh. Not that I would want to read only one author for the rest of my life, but if I really really had to choose! Though Lois McMaster Bujold and Sharon Shinn would probably be up there as well. Def read her – if you don’t have “Moon Called” (the first Mercy book) already, they’re being released in the UK now.

  2. Yes, it was cool 🙂 I’m not sure about my feelings towards Mercy after three books… but I like all of the other characters. I hope Stefan makes it… and I hope she treats him nicely. This could make it or break it for me LOL 🙂

  3. *Brief Delurking* Patricia Briggs is definitely a desert island author. Her writing never feels flashy or gimmicky, yet she manages to make it seem fresh and “real.” She’s an autobuy for me. I usually bulk when an author goes to hardback (which Bone Crossed will be), but I would do it for her. I wish I could get my hands on a copy of her first book “Masques” without going into debt.

  4. Nath – I’m glad Stefan’s back, I missed him in the previous book!

    BookBoor – Yay, another Briggs fan! I didn’t realise BC would be hardcover. Sigh. I suppose it was going to happen eventually. And I am completely with you on “Masques”, I hope it gets re-released.

  5. Masques is being re-published, but it has kind of been pushed to the back of the line right now (behind all the Mercy universe books), as Patty is re-working it.

    http://www.hurog.com is her website, you can see all the updates there!

  6. Debbie – Sorry, your comment got marked as spam for some reason!

    It would be brilliant if she not only re-releases Masques but updates it as well. It’s probably way back in the queue though!

  7. I read Cry Wolf last week, and can’t agree more. I did not read the first chapter of BC, because it just makes the waiting worse. Briggs is easily in my top five right now, if not first.

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