Books I’ve Been Wondering About

I’ve been debating over getting these books for a while now – anyone read them?


51HTISDSZML__SL160_ 41fl4w8GtGL__SL160_ Melissa Marr’s “Wicked Lovely” (YA fantasy):  I’ve read some glowing reviews on this one and it’s just won the RITA for Best Young Adult Romance.  But I think this is a fae-based story, which I’m not that keen on (I know, I’m weird).  The US and UK covers are very different, btw.




51tW3kzOmtL__SL160_Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instrument books (YA fantasy):  I think “City of  Bones” is the first in the series.  These came to my attention when I saw a stack of excerpt booklets at the counter of my local Starbucks.  I ignored them then because I thought “yet another urban fantasy”, but then when browsing in Borders, I saw them on a table display in the YA section.  Flipped through a couple of pages and thought it was quite interesting, but decided to think about it a bit more.  Of course, the booklets in Starbucks are all gone now.


51ql%2BU1UKbL__SL160_ Galen Beckett’s “The Magicians & Mrs Quent” (fantasy): I love the title and the cover of this one! The excerpt is tempting, and the book is blurbed by Jacqueline Carey and Ellen Kushner, amongst others.  There’s an ebook version available, so I’ll probably get it – for some reason, I’m much more open to trying new-to-me authors in ebook format.  Probably because I don’t have to commit to giving it shelf space  😉


12 thoughts on “Books I’ve Been Wondering About

  1. I like the Mortal Instruments series. With all the hoopla about Twilight, it’s a shame this series isn’t getting more attention. I liked City of Bone but I thought the next in the series City of Ashes was even better! I would def get CoB.

    Have Wicked Lovely but haven’t read it. Have heard good things about it though!

    Never heard of the last one.

  2. Mollie – Thanks for the feedback! You’re right, I haven’t actually heard much about the MI series, but I figured it had to have something going for it if the publishers were spending money on pushing it in Starbucks.

  3. Like you I’ve been wondering Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instrument books for a while. I keep thinking about adding them to my wishlist but not getting round to it.

    And I was the same about Wicked Lovely but I finally caved and bought it, though I haven’t read it yet.

  4. All – Thanks for the info! Looks like “Wicked Lovely” and “City of Bones” are definitely going on my To Buy list. And Nath and Karen W, I’ve put “The Magicians…” on my wishlist at Fictionwise – the next time they do a promo or sale, I’m going to get it.

  5. Thea and I both loved Wicked Lovely, so much so we are doing a joint review pretty soon of both that and Ink Exchange. It is edgy and dark. Highly recommended from both of us which is very very rare.

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