Help.  I can’t decide what to read next.  I just haven’t been that enthused about reading lately – I think I’m sort of sliding into a reading slump.

Having said that, I did read Linda Howard’s “Death Angel” over the weekend, mainly because it was staring at me accusingly from the pile of books on the coffee table. 

I liked it – the whole plot is unusual* for a romance, and I’m not quite sure how Ms Howard made it work, but she did.  Even the “second chance” bit, which normally would have me rolling my eyes, but actually nearly made me cry! 

I’ve noticed she’s been focusing on survival-type plots recently – the same applies to “Death Angel”, though DA is more survival in an urban environment, i.e. avoiding CCTV cameras and not leaving a paper trail behind you, whereas the past couple of books have focused on outdoor survival stuff.

I’m going to end my Bank Holiday weekend by tidying up my bookshelves, and maybe I’ll stumble over something that will kickstart my reading again.  Or I can wait until tomorrow’s releases – both the new Ann Aguirre and Jayne Castle books are out tomorrow!


*<slight spoiler>especially the moral ambiguity</end spoiler>


6 thoughts on “Sigh

  1. Hey Nath – I was considering CL Wilson’s first novel (can’t remember the title off the top of my head now), but decided on “Breaking Dawn” (which I caved in and got despite the lukewarm reviews!). I want to remain “unspoiled” while reading it, and while I’ve managed to avoid spoilers so far, I think it will only be a matter of time before I stumble on one. I’m a quarter of the way through now… err… still reserving judgement!

  2. That’s great 😀 Let us know what you think of the series 🙂 I’ve never read the series and I spoiled myself rotten already and my verdict… not going to read it. LOL, your decision makes me laugh though… so logic 🙂

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