Books for September

A couple of books I missed off my August post were Elizabeth Peters’ “The Laughter of Dead Kings” (mystery) and Richelle Mead’s “Storm Born” (urban fantasy).  Ms Peters’ book is a September release in the UK, and I could have sworn the Mead book had a September date too.  Ah, well.


Moving on to books actually due for release in September:

51KAvRxAOxL__SL160_ Nalini Singh’s “Hostage for Pleasure” (paranormal romance):  The fifth novel in her Psy-Changeling series, the hero of this one is Dorian – the one Changeling who can’t shift into animal form.  Hmm… why do I have a strong suspicion this is going to change in this book?  I love this series – IMO, it’s one of the few paranormal romance series out there that gets the balance between the world-building and the romance just right.  Cover-wise… not too excited, the sunset background makes it look like a tropical romance.

Excerpt here (out Sept 2)


pirate-king-loose_id Josh Lanyon’s “Death of a Pirate King” (m/m mystery):  After reading the Dear Author review, I bought the first three books in this series, and became completely and utterly hooked.  Highly highly recommend this series.  Will Jake finally get his act together?  Will Adrian decide to cut his losses?  Oh, the angst.  And yeah, the mystery bits are good too.

Excerpt here (out Sept 16 – I think!)



21qKXXRe5wL__SL160_ 51qw9JW4hwL__SL160_ Julia Quinn’s “Mr Cavendish, I Presume” (historical romance):  The first book in this duology, “The Lost Duke of Wyndham”, was an entertaining read (on the light side, admittedly).  To me, Thomas was by far the more interesting character, so I can’t wait to find out what he was doing off-stage.  Or off-page.

According to a post on her bulletin board, there’s an extract available on this site, but you’ve to sign up and to be honest, it sounds like a bit of a palaver to read an extract that will probably be posted on her website at some point soon! 

Anyway, blurb here (out Sept 30)


51Y9kYoi0EL__SL160_ Richelle Mead‘s “Succubus Dreams” (urban fantasy):  Third in her Georgina Kincaid series.  I was a bit on the fence when I read the second book; I thought the plot was slightly questionable and the romance not that realistic.  But I do like the world Ms Mead has created and I’m very curious about where she’s going to take Georgina and Seth’s relationship.  Speaking of the second book, it had two titles – it was “Succubus on Top” or “Succubus Nights” depending on where you live.  I’m confused, did they think the US title was too racy for the UK?

I’m not that keen on the cover – the model looks a bit too hard-faced.

Excerpt here (out Sept 30)


51QtPFtaYzL__SL160_ 51ee5OyOSPL__SL160_ Lisa Kleypas’ “Seduce Me at Sunrise” (historical romance):  Second in the spin-off series from the Wallflowers books.  It’s a rather successful series, with yet another related book “A Wallflower Christmas” (I’m guessing it’s a Christmas gift hardcover book) coming out err… in October [aside: Selfridges has opened its Christmas Hall.  It’s still summer, people (just)!].  Ms Kleypas can do as many spin-offs as she likes – I love her Wallflower world, and her historicals are an auto-buy for me.

Oooh, I thought her US cover was nice, but I’ve just seen the UK one.  Love.

Excerpt here (out Sept 30)


Maybe books this month include “Duainfey” (fantasy) by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.  From Ms Lee’s LJ:

In addition to being the first original novel Lee and Miller have done with Baen Books, Duainfey is also something of an artistic departure for us. It is a dark romantic fantasy, set in a Regency-like society, with Fey. Think a cross between Laurell K. Hamilton’s early Merry Gentry books, and Jane Eyre

Interesting, eh?  I love their Liaden series, so am probably going to give it a go, even though this sounds completely different.  Excerpt here (out now, I believe, and if you read ebooks, Baen has a fantastic pricing policy for hardcovers – it’s $6 on their site).

Laura Lee Gurkhe’s “Secret Desires of a Gentleman” (historical romance) is also a maybe for me, mainly because I still haven’t read the second book in this series (“The Wicked Ways of a Duke”).  I loved the first though (“And Then He Kissed Me”), and there’s really no reason why I haven’t read the second.  Excerpt here (out Sept 30).


6 thoughts on “Books for September

  1. Hey Li!!

    Did you read Storm Born by Richelle Mead? I’m thinking of getting it, but I have some doubts, having heard about the plot and the H/H….

    I seriously like the UK covers, you’re a lucky gal 🙂

    Anyway, I’m getting Hostage to Pleasure, the new Quinn and Guhrke. Not sure about the Kleypas… Probably going to wait and read a couple of reviews before buying it.

  2. Hey Nath – I haven’t read “Storm Born” yet 😀 I haven’t read any reviews of it though – bought it purely because I like her Succubus books! Err… thinking about it, I don’t even know what the back cover blurb is!

  3. LOL, maybe you should read it (the back cover blurb)… I haven’t seen any reviews on it… It’s just that Kris read it and she was like: I think I liked it… so I probed for more and it was like really hmmmm… LOL 🙂

  4. Haha – I think there was mention of a shaman, Nath! Which was unusual enough to interest me. It’s next on my reading list after Dark Light and Wanderlust. For the moment 😉

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