Another Ebook Post

Neil Gaiman is offering the chance to read “Neverwhere” for free for the next thirty days or so.  I really liked “Stardust” when I (finally) got around to reading it a few weeks ago, and Thea suggested that I try "Neverwhere” next.  I love happy coincidences like this.

The not-so-great part?  It’s in Adobe Digital Editions format, and the downloaded copy will expire in 30 days’ time.  So I better get around to reading it soon.

The tech-y bit?  You need Adobe Digital Editions installed on your PC to read the book.  Or if you’re a Sony Reader owner, the good news is that the recent firmware update means that you can now read Adobe DE books on the Reader.  I’ve just downloaded “Neverwhere” and it appears to have transferred safely to my Reader, so I don’t have to read this on my laptop (good thing too, because it just wouldn’t happen).

I remember Mr Gaiman did a similar thing with “American Gods” some time back, but that really didn’t work for me because you had to read the book online, using HarperCollins’ BrowseInside feature, which was massively slow – I wonder how many readers actually managed to read the whole book.

Oh, btw, you can still read “Neverwhere” online using BrowseInside, but I highly highly rec you download it instead.


2 thoughts on “Another Ebook Post

  1. Clearly, it was meant to be! 🙂

    I hope you enjoy Neverwhere–it’s one of my favorites. Bonus–there’s a sweet graphic novel version of the book, and, if you’re feeling frisky, there’s the BBC tv series available on dvd as well.

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