Books for October

Books I’m planning on getting this month:

516EGUQZs6L._SL160_ Karen Chance’s “Midnight’s Daughter” (urban fantasy):  I’m a big fan of Ms Chance’s Cassie Palmer series, and this title is the first in a new-but-related series and is set after the third Cassie book (“Embrace the Night”).  Dorina Basarab is a dhampir (human-vampire mix, apparently) who occasionally has psychotic episodes.  Err… I have to say if I read that backcover blurb while browsing, I would put that book straight back on the shelf.  But this is Karen Chance and therefore I want. 

The cover is the UK one – same basic picture as the US version, but closer-up and with different fonts… they’ve cropped out the gun she’s holding in her left hand on the US cover.

Excerpt here (out Oct 7)


51zs8JTx8jL._SL160_ “Wolfsbane and Mistletoe” (urban fantasy):  Anthology with, hmmm… wild guess here, but I’m thinking all of the stories will feature werewolves.  I’ve never really liked anthologies (I’m not a short story person), but with authors including Patricia Briggs, Karen Chance, and Charlaine Harris, it becomes a must-get.

Out Oct 7



51bMcsitwJL._SL160_ Katie MacAlister’s “Up in Smoke” (paranormal romance):  Second in her Silver Dragons series.  I was getting a bit bored with Ms MacAlister’s Aisling Grey books, and to be honest, wasn’t expecting much from her spin-off Silver Dragons series.  But the first one (“Playing with Fire”) was a fun read, and I want to know what’s next in store for May and Gabriel.

Excerpt here (out Oct 7)



51d9CCLVtWL._SL160_ Lisa Kleypas’ “A Wallflower Christmas” (historical romance): Ms Kleypas revisits the world of the Wallflowers in this Christmas novel.  Her Wallflowers series is probably my favourite of all her books, so I’m excited about reading more about this world.  Even though it’s a hardcover release.  And 224 pages long.  Hmmm… this seems to be a St Martin’s Press speciality, I think they also release Janet Evanovich’s “between-the-numbers” Plum books for hardcover prices, and they come in at less than 200 pages.  Sigh.  I will probably shell out for this though.

Excerpt here (out Oct 14)


And then the maybe books:

Mercedes Lackey’s “Foundation”, the start of a new series in her Valdemar world, and which I blogged about here – if it is released in ebook format, I will probably cave in and get it.

“The Magical Christmas Cat” is another anthology, this time featuring a story by Nalini Singh, hence me considering it.  I’m not that excited about the other authors featuring in this book (Lora Leigh, Eric McCarthy, Linda Winstead Jones), but I may cave for the DarkRiver story.


12 thoughts on “Books for October

  1. Don’t you think it’s funny that there’s an anthology for wolfs and cats this year, LOL 🙂 and coming out in the same month!!! I definitively caved in for the Magical Christmas Cat. I had it pre-ordered for a month already… and I’ll probably get the Wolf anthology as well, just for Patricia Briggs 😛

    I have to say for Karen Chance’s book, I like the US cover better 😛 What do you think? It might be the same image, but something’s just off with the UK one.

  2. Nath – A bit of a coincidence, eh? I did get the last anthology with a Nalini Singh story (loved, btw), but never actually got around to reading the other three, which is why I’m not sure about this one. I wish the publisher would just sell short stories singly!

    The Karen Chance cover – I think it’s the typeface used for the title that makes the UK version look slightly off. It may look better IRL, though.

  3. hi Li 🙂

    Yeah, I know… I wasn’t aware of the werewolves one… Do you know what’s the story for Patricia Briggs? I hope it’s Charles and Anna again!!

    Yeah, I don’t read all the short stories in them either, but I buy it when it has a favorite author in a favorite series (that’s the requirement). I wish they could sell the short stories individually as well. Do you think they do it in e-book format?

    As for the cover, you’re right. The font isn’t great… but I don’t know, having seen the US version, I just wonder why they didn’t include the whole thing in the UK 😛

  4. Nath – The main character is apparently David Christiansen, who made an appearance in Moon Called. It’s been a while since I read that book, so I’m struggling to recall him.

    LOL @ fav author requirement. So true. Re ebook shorts, I know that the Sony ebook store does sell short stories individually (think I saw an Anne Bishop there once), but it’s not a very comprehensive or regular thing, IIRC.

  5. I’m looking forward to A Wallflower Christmas, the excerpts have been good. I didn’t notice it was only 200-something pages long, though – note to self, read slower.

  6. I’ve already got Midnight’s Daughter, not sure when I’ll get round to reading it, as I want to read book 3 of the Cassie Palmer series first.

    And I’m definitely getting the Wolfsbane and Mistletoe anthology.

  7. Icedtea – I got that page count off Amazon. I’ve skipped all the reviews and excerpts myself, though I’ve noticed they are generally favorable.

    LesleyW – Haven’t seen MD in stores yet myself, I’ll probably get the ebook version instead. I loved Book 3, btw.

  8. Ugh, David who? I mean, I read it not long ago and I can’t remember either… oh well, we’ll see how it goes I guess 😛 by the way, hope you’re enjoying/enjoyed your holiday 🙂

  9. Hmmm…..
    I want to read the Wolfsbane and Mistletoe, but I do not do well with anthologies. Would you let me know how it is when you read it? Nowadays, with work and school, I barely have enough time to read. But, I shall triumph, ha ha ha. :p

  10. Does anyone know if The Magical Christmas Cat will be available in ebook form? So far I can’t find it. You guys are really missing out if you haven’t been reading Lora Leigh’s breed series. They’re wonderful! Linda Winstead Jones is also very good.
    I like to use anthologies to try new authors I’ve heard good things about, but don’t want to invest a lot of money in until I know if I like them.

  11. Alisa – I’ll post about W&M once I’ve read it. Well, the Briggs, Harris, and Chance stories at least!

    Rhonda – I’ve done a quick search, but no luck. It may be released in ebook format at a later stage, I’ve noticed some publishers do that. Completely agree that it’s a good way to find new authors!

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