Am back!

I will never ever take a reliable broadband connection for granted again.  You’ve no idea how long it took me to upload and schedule the TBR Day post for Wednesday.  Seriously.  I was thisclose to giving up.

But I’ve also been putting my offline time to good use.  Books I’ve been reading and loving:

Richelle Mead‘s “Vampire Academy” series (YA urban fantasy): Excellent rec from Thea and Ana, I read both “Vampire Academy” and “Frostbite”, and now can’t wait for “Shadow Kiss” to come out next month.  Especially after reading the first chapter on Ms Mead’s website – what a cliffhanger!!  (Note: MAJOR spoiler for Frostbite in excerpt)

Jim Butcher’s “Dresden Files” series (urban fantasy):  A big thank you to Nath for assuring me the series does get better, and telling me to skip to Book 4 (and helping me ignore my must-read-series-in-order compulsion).  I read the first book sometime back, and was left wondering what the fuss was about.  Now I know.  I’m up to “White Night” (only one more book to go until I catch up, dammit!) and am seriously considering splashing out $20 for the Subterranean Press novella “Backup” (*hoping common sense will win out*).  Besides the excellent storytelling, I love the fact each book is complete in itself (no cliffhanger endings!), and that Harry and his fellow characters change and grow over the course of this series.

I’ve just noticed Nath has done a massive TBR Day post on the Dresden Files series, so good timing!

Kristin Cashore‘s “Graceling” (YA fantasy):  Angie loved and I did too.  If you’re a Tamora Pierce fan, I think you will too. 

So yes, I’ve been busy.  You’ll also notice the common theme – all of these great reads have been recommended by fellow bloggers, so thank you!


9 thoughts on “Am back!

  1. Yay!! Glad that you’re enjoying the Dresden Files 🙂 LOL, White Night already? You’re fast 😛

    Okay, I definitively need to read Richelle Mead…

  2. Oh I appreciate the broadband, I lost my connection for a week and had to go back on dialup! Nightmare.

    I must start reading the Dresden Files again. I stopped at Book 6. About the time that the books were sold to a UK publisher anyway. The UK publisher was out of sync with the US release date – they were releasing from Book 1, and the US books were hard to get hold of. And I got out of the habit of buying them. I must try and get back into it.

  3. Carolyn Jean – Yes, it definitely gets better! I read the first one, and wasn’t inspired to continue with the series until Nath’s post. Try starting again with Book 4 (Summer Knight), it’s pretty easy to figure out what’s what without having read the first three books.

    Nath – I am loving the Dresden books! Yes, do try Richelle Mead – didn’t you say you had “Vampire Academy” in your TBR pile already? 😉

    Lesley – My broadband would work for a few minutes and then stop, it was driving me nuts! I’ve ended up with a mixture of UK and US covers for my Dresden Files books. I don’t particularly mind having different covers, but I think I prefer the US ones.

  4. Hooray for Vampire Academy! I’m so glad you liked these books too–I cannot wait for Shadow Kiss. That first chapter excerpt is awesome.

    I’ve read the first two Dresden Files novels but haven’t really been compelled to carry on with the series. Hmm. Now I’ll definitely take a look at book 4 though!

    AND I have Graceling on the shelf, ready to be read. Perhaps I shall start that tonight 🙂

  5. hi there Li, yes, I do have “Vampire Academy”… 😛 I just need to sit down and start reading it I guess… ^_^;

    Okay, I just finished Small Favor by Jim Butcher… Oh man, the series is getting really addicting starting from Book 7, Dead Beat!! What do you think of the latest romantic addition? LOL, if you have time, just email me so we can discuss them 😛

  6. Thea – I cannot wait to get Shadow Kiss! It’ll be interesting to get your take on Graceling. I loaned my copy to a friend, and she had mixed feelings on it.

    Nath – I love that the Dresden world isn’t static, and the hints at the overarching plotline. Re newest romantic addition, umm… not too sure! I have to say that the one drawback of this series for me is the romance. It’s ever so slightly clinical and rational, I’ve never felt invested in any of Harry’s romances. I’m more intrigued by the Harry-Thomas relationship, I have to say.

  7. LOL, I know!!! Harry and Thomas is ever so interesting… or even Harry, Thomas and Mouse, LOL 😛 Seriously, Mouse is priceless 🙂

    Who do you think is the traitor? Did you read the next book’s synopsis? OMG, it’s going to be so good, LOL 😛

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