More October Releases

I’ve stumbled across these two October releases, which I also want – unfortunately, they appear to be either hardback or trade size.  Sigh.


51SEXXtr7dL._SL160_ Tamora Pierce’s “Melting Stones” (YA fantasy):  This was originally released as an audiobook.  I just can’t do audiobooks (I sort of tune out!), so I’m glad this is being released in print.  It’s loosely related to her The Circle Opens series.  I must say the Amazon reviews are a bit lukewarm, so I may hold off on this.




“Blood Lite” (urban fantasy), an anthology with Charlaine Harris, Jim Butcher, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Kelley Armstrong headlining.  With my newfound love for Harry Dresden, that means three out of four are my auto-buy authors.  The Armstrong story features Jaime, but I’m not sure if the Harris one is a Sookie Stackhouse story.  It’s labelled (humorous) Horror rather than UF, but I don’t know, I don’t necessarily think of the above as horror writers. 


5 thoughts on “More October Releases

  1. Nath – I am an enabler 😉 I realised I missed off the Kelley Armstrong Oct release as well, though technically it’s a Nov release here in the UK.

    Lauren – I’m hoping they release it in mass market paperback at some point, as I think I’ve exceeded my book-buying budget for the month!

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