Mad Mad Week at Work But…

A good week for reading!  And all I can say is what took me so long?!

I’ve had Juliet Marillier’s “Daughter of the Forest” sitting in my TBR pile forever.  And I mean seriously forever.  But I never actually got around to reading it because… eh, I don’t know.  Because it was based around Celtic myths.  Because it looked too thick.  Because it had a green cover.  Ummm… not really.

Then Angie wrote a glowing review about the fourth book in the series.  I rooted around in my TBR pile and moved “Daughter of the Forest” to the pile on my bedside table.  Then Thea joined the general clamour of praise.  I moved it to the top of the bedside pile.

And last night, I picked it up, thinking a couple of chapters… I ended up staying up much much later than I had planned. 

I’m around halfway through and loving it.  It’s such an absorbing world and so beautifully written.  The only thing is… it had better end on an uplifting note (because I so don’t need tragedy after spending the week seeing redundancy headlines everywhere) and also not on a cliffhanger (because I don’t have the second book!).


6 thoughts on “Mad Mad Week at Work But…

  1. LOL 🙂 great minds think alike Li!! Although I don’t have it in my TBR pile, but I’m heading out to buy it tomorrow 😀 Glad you’re enjoying it!!

  2. …to your two hopes/worries for the ending….

    You have nothing to worry about 🙂 *tries to be mysterious*

    So glad you are enjoying it!!! It’s a truly wonderful book. I’ve just sent a copy to Ana, though she’d been resisting my efforts to get her to read it :p

  3. Nath – I finished it last night. Definitely definitely worth buying! I loved it.

    Thea – I’ve to say the story was very much not what I was expecting based purely on the back cover blurb. It was so much more. And I think Ana will love it too.

    And yes, the ending was very very good… and then I read the excerpt from the next book at the back, and I so want the next book now!

  4. Oh well, Thea officially dared me to read it for our Smugglivus Feats of Strength! So, the book is in the post to me now …glad to know you liked it as well so I am looking forward to reading it….

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