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I haven’t done one of these posts for a very long time – mostly because I’m incredibly swamped at work.  But some recent (and not so recent) links of interest:

Literary Escapism has the new Kelley Armstrong cover for “Frostbitten” (Nov 2009).  Rather different from the previous ones!  I like.  Also, rather intriguingly, I looked this title up on Amazon UK and while it had no image, it had the tagline “A New Hunt Begins… and an Ancient Secret is Revealed”. 

A long-ish Lois McMaster Bujold interview has been posted on her MySpace site.  It was done for her Chinese publisher, so there are some interesting questions in there.

Also on interviews, a three-part Diana Gabaldon one is up at Writers Unboxed.  Very detailed and thorough answers.  She apparently acquires a couple of hundred reference books when writing each novel – I am in awe.


3 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. Definitively can’t wait for the armstrong book!! eps. if it involves finding old packmate… I like the cover okay, but it’d be better if it wasn’t all yellow… she’s blond, on a yellow background with gold lettering… hmmm.

  2. Li, I had to come here because I know you are looking forward to this book as much as I was, to say that When the Duke Returns is awesome – but not because of Isidore and her duke but because of all the AWESOME AWESOME scenes between Jemma and Elijah and Elijah and Villiers. I had to share with someone that would understand LOL.

    I got the titles and dates for the two final books and they will come out within a week of each other next year! woohoo! I am posting a “I LOVE this series post” today , I just couldn’t help myself.

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