My O_o Moment of the Day

I was checking out a bookstore in a new shopping centre today… guess what section was sandwiched between the “True Crime” and “Autobiographies / Biographies” shelves?

… “Tragic Life Stories”

I’m all for signposting sections in bookstores and all, but who on earth wakes up in the morning and thinks “I’m really in the mood for tragic life stories today”?!!


6 thoughts on “My O_o Moment of the Day

  1. Umm….wow. That’s a genre with its own shelf? I guess I like the disaster shows on the Discovery Channel (I Shouldn’t Be Alive totally rules), but that phrasing “Tragic Life Stories” just sounds depressing. o_O indeed!

  2. Thea – I know! Must be selling though, since they have it in other stores, like Rosario says.

    Rosario – Yeah, it was a WH Smith. I haven’t been in one for ages. Don’t think this one even had a “proper” Romance section – they did have a Mills & Boon section and that was it!

  3. I think it is all the Chinese people. They love those tragic life stories. Every Chinese movie I watch is a tragedy. I joke with my husband that if a Chinese person shows up in a movie, someone is going to die. And a terrible death too. Generally is the good guy that dies. I can joke about it because I’m Chinese. 🙂

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