Reading Challenges

I previously mentioned that I took part in my first-ever reading challenge during 2008 – Keishon’s TBR Day challenge.  This was aimed at cutting down on my TBR pile, the challenge being to read and review one book published 2007 or earlier every month.  I came close to missing the deadline on several occasions, but successfully completed it – yay! 

It was definitely satisfying to finish some books that had been sitting in TBR pile forever, but I admit I didn’t get around to reading a few that I was planning on – the main ones being Meljean Brook’s “Demon Moon” and CL Wilson’s “Lord of the Fading Lands”.  I know, I know.  On the positive side, I finally read Neil Gaiman and discovered what the fuss was about, and realised that Lois McMaster Bujold’s Sharing Knife series was a subtle but wonderful fantasy romance.  Another major plus was finding yet more blogs to read – the full list of 2008 TBR participants is here.

Keishon is planning on hosting this again in 2009, but with some minor changes (yet to be announced), and I will definitely be taking part again.


rsz_rereadchallenge The second challenge I’m planning on doing for 2009 (someone stop me, this appears to be a slippery slope) is Nath’s Re-Reading Challenge.  In a way, it is almost the complete opposite to the TBR Day challenge because it is meant to get you to re-read those old favourites, instead on tackling all the new releases headfirst.

Rules are pretty straightforward:  Do a re-read, post a review on the last day of the month, and post a link on Nath’s blog.  Nath is also generously offering a $10 gift certificate in a monthly drawing to all participants.

I liked the concept of this because sometimes I think I’m so focused on anticipating new releases that I forget my keepers completely.  Books I’m planning on reading for this challenge include Ms Bujold’s Vorkosigan series, Sharon Lee & Steve Miller’s Liaden books, and Georgette Heyer’s regency romances.


What do you think of reading challenges – do you avoid them or do you have ten or more on the go?


Updated to add: Keishon’s posted the new TBR 2009 challenge rules here – this time around, there are suggested monthly themes to make things even more interesting.

5 thoughts on “Reading Challenges

  1. I can’t help myself when it comes to challenges! I am not even going to count how many challenges I have joined up, but it is definitely more than 10.

  2. Marg – I just popped over to your blog and am in awe at the number of challenge badges on your sidebar.

    Nath – Looking forward to it… now I just have to decide what to re-read for Jan!

  3. I discovered book challenges this year & have jumped in whole heartedly. Not only joining 15+ but hosting two! There are so many out there but I didn’t see the re-reading one…and since I’ve re-read three books already this year, I off to join another challenge….

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