Final 2008 Wrap Up

Otherwise known as the post with statistics and lists.

So… the numbers:

  • A total of 155 books read during 2008 (v. 183 in 2007 – oh well)
  • Of which 73 were published during 2008 itself
  • 88 authors in total
  • With 27 new-to-me authors
  • And 61 of them being ebooks


  • 51 of them were romances (inc. 16 romantic suspense, 12 paranormal)
  • 46 fantasy (inc. 23 urban fantasy)
  • 27 YA & children’s
  • 25 mystery

I spent more time than I care to think about on the graph below showing books read over 2008 – can I just say if you’ve been using MS Excel 2003 for umpteen years, Excel 2007 is not intuitive.

Anyway, the graph has YA and children’s grouped together to make it look cleaner.  I also stuck in my 2007 figures to see how the two years compared.  Umm… after staring at it, I don’t see any startling trends, apart from I read a lot when I have free time – Jan 2007 was when I was working out my notice period for my previous employer, hence the massive number of books read! 



And the final lists…

I posted my favourite 2008 releases over at The Book Smugglers (check out their new shiny site!).

As for those released prior to 2008, my favourites were:

  • Nalini Singh’s “Mine to Possess”
  • Lois McMaster Bujold’s “The Sharing Knife: Legacy”
  • Eva Ibbotson’s “A Company of Swans”
  • Diana Peterfreund’s “Secret Society Girl”
  • Mary Stewart’s “Nine Coaches Waiting” and “The Ivy Tree”
  • Juliet Marillier’s Sevenwaters trilogy

Author most glommed during 2008:

  • Mary Stewart – 12 books
  • Jim Butcher – 9 books

And new-to-me authors I’m glad I discovered in 2008:

  • Ann Aguirre
  • Cassandra Clare
  • Deanna Raybourn
  • Diana Peterfreund
  • Josh Lanyon
  • Julie Hyzy
  • Juliet Marillier
  • KA Mitchell
  • Kristin Cashore
  • Mary Stewart
  • Melissa Marr
  • Neil Gaiman


And that is it, people!  I will now stop playing with my 2008 spreadsheet…


Except I’ve just found my 2008 predictions and resolutions post.  This could be amusing…


  • I’m going to get into ebooks: Yes, definitely.  I can’t imagine not having an ereader now.  And I was worried about having ten unread ebooks back in Jan?  LOL.  I think I’ve hit three digits now.
  • Read roughly the same as 2007: Well, I read less, but I did give myself a get out clause by saying between 150 to 200. 
  • Mix of genres stay the same: Pretty much so.
  • Blogging frequency stays the same: More or less, okay, slightly less


And my resolutions were:

  • Do better on review front: Err… fail, I think.  I’ve been rubbish at review
  • Become more disciplined around blogging: Fail again.  I wanted to do regular monthly wrap-ups.  I think I did a grand total of one during 2008.
  • Redo my blog template: Oh yay – I did do this back in Feb.
  • Redo the way I track my reads: And another tick.  I’m using the Google Docs spreadsheet, and it’s working well – as long as I remember to update it regularly.


Okay, that is really it.  It’s all 2009 from now onwards!

6 thoughts on “Final 2008 Wrap Up

  1. Ooooh pretty graph!!!

    Li, you did a bang up job with reading, ebooks, reviews and blogging in general during 2008. Major kudos! And you’ve totally inspired me to get my ass in gear and keep a detailed spreadsheet of my reads in the new year.

    Really, I’m impressed 🙂 My imaginary cyber-hat goes off to you!

  2. Thea – Thanks! I slacked off somewhat in reviewing and blogging towards the end of the year, I think sometimes I’m in the right mood, and other times I’m not.

    Also, if you want to talk about being impressed, you and Ana have done a fantastic job with The Book Smugglers! One of the must-read blogs I click on in my feed reader every day 🙂

    *right, mutual back-patting over*

    Nath – Resolutions… I did think about it and I couldn’t come up with anything apart from pretty much the same as this year! And I like my graph too, though it doesn’t really tell me very much 🙂

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